ASPCA Partner Community Spotlight: Shelby County

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 10:00am

Shelby County, Alabama, is driven to drastically improve the lives of its animals. That’s one of the reasons it was selected for the ASPCA Partnership. We work with Shelby County and nine other communities to upgrade the state of animal welfare in their areas by providing the resources they need to sustain progress.

Shelby County has made great strides for its companion animals since joining the ASPCA Partnership in 2009. Since then, the community has reduced the number of animals entering its shelters, increased the number of spay/neuter surgeries, and saved more than 4,400 lives through interstate animal transfer!

It’s obvious that Shelby County is motivated to succeed, and the ASPCA is there to lend a hand every step of the way. But right now, this community could use a hand from you—and all you have to do is vote! The executive director of the Shelby Humane Society, Jennifer Miller, is a finalist in Beneful’s $500,000 competition for a dream dog park. If her great idea wins, Jennifer (and Honey Belle, her adorable, furry teammate) will get to build a truly remarkable dog park—which would include an agility course, lots of shade and a doggie pool! That’s bound to make lots of Alabama pooches mighty happy.

Forty percent of Beneful’s decision will be based on total votes earned, so visit the competition’s website and vote for Jennifer and Honey Belle’s idea. (Hint: it’s the fourth entry on the second page of finalists.) Help this animal-loving community provide a wonderful space for its canine pals!

To learn more about Shelby County’s ASPCA partnership, visit its page on