ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter Provides Dog Houses for At-Risk Pets

Monday, March 3, 2014 - 2:45pm
ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter Provides Dog Houses for At-Risk Pets

The ASPCA Cruelty Intervention Advocacy team, volunteers from New York Cares, and the NYPD Community Affairs Office set up shop in the 113th Precinct in Jamaica, Queens, this weekend to provide free dog houses, pet ID tags, dog food, behavioral support and educational materials to community members and their canine companions. These resources were in high demand: We distributed 35 large dog houses, as well as rain checks for 15 more houses as part of a pilot program called Operation Gimme Shelter for at-risk pets.

New York City has experienced unusually frigid temperatures and record-breaking snowfall this winter, resulting in numerous reports to the NYPD of pets left out in the cold. In some cases, pet owners lack the resources or financial means to purchase dog houses. As temperatures remain below freezing and snow continues to fall in NYC, we’re relieved that Saturday’s dog house recipients will stay warm and dry.

It’s important for pet parents to note that if it’s too cold for people to be outside, it’s too cold for pets to be outside without protection. For more information about our work for at-risk pets in NYC, please visit our Cruelty Intervention Advocacy program online.

ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter

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In a perfect world, every pet owner would feed their animals the best food, give them a warm bed indoors, play with them very day, wouldn't use dogs as security for their property, and would take their animals to the vet regularly. But some people are in poverty and can't do all of the above things because they can't afford vet bills, are ignorant of how to properly take care of their animals, live in cramped quarters, are working more than one job, or are ill. Would you prefer the dogs be euthanized? Do you know how many dogs and cats there are for adoption in New York City, and how many get euthanized because there aren't enough people to adopt them, or how many stray cats are on the streets? I live in New York and am fortunate to make a comfortable living, and even I feel the pinch in taking good care of two cats with food, vet bills, and everything else they require. Other people wouldn't have bothered to ask for assistance to house their dogs outdoors, so reexamine the outrage.


This is the best response, and I agree 100%. Pet food pantries have been popping up all over the country (especially since the 2008 economic crisis) for exactly this reason. Where people do not live well, their pets do not live well. How many people go hungry, go without proper medical and dental care, go without love, live in overcrowded living situations? How easy would it be to re-home these dogs (that in the case of the dog houses, are unaccustomed to living indoors) in an already highly overburdened shelter system in which millions upon millions of healthy and adoptable animals are euthanized each and every year simply because there are not enough homes. It is far cheaper, and in my opinion far more humane to help with insulated dog houses, donated pet food, and low cost spay and neutering to meet the reality of our world.


all the free houses/food etc will not convince these %^$* to bring their PET inside when it is freezing...therefore, there MUST BE A LAW, PASSED BY LEGISLATORS that says NO ANIMAL SHALL BE ALLOWED OUTSIDE ONCE TEMPS HAVE FALLEN BELOW 32 DEGREES simple, but all our words on sites will not get a law passed...WE MUST BOMBARD LEGISLATORS TO MAKE A LAW, then when police see animals outside in freezing, THEY CAN CONFISCATE.....NO FREEZING DOGS.....BUT WITHOUT A LAW BANNING THIS CRUEL BEHAVIOR, NO POSTS WILL GET ANYTING DONE, BECAUSE THESE CRUEL PEOPLE ARE NOT READING RESCUE SITES!!! THANK U


Julia you are an angel God bless you, we do the same my mom, daughter and I rescue homeless cats when they come to my yard. We take them to the Vet at the HS and get them spayed so them do not reproduce. I keep them with me until we find a forever home. We have placed about 20 cats in good homes.
Good comments from Anonymous I wish it becomes a law too.


I think that dog houses can protect dogs from the rain and other elements, but they can not protect the from fridgid conditions or excessive heat in the summer. If the walls of these houses could be warmed up electronically,they can keep dogs warmer in the winter. The summer is another problem, ac is not possible. If you let the dog out in bad conditions, then they must be let in quickly after doing what they have to do. Shovel a spot for that. Let's get all the love and attention to them that they deserve for loving and protecting us. This is also important for spaying and neutering to prevent too many unwanted and abused situation to occur.


They need straw or hay in the house for warmth as well.