ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter Provides Dog Houses for At-Risk Pets

Monday, March 3, 2014 - 2:45pm
ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter Provides Dog Houses for At-Risk Pets

The ASPCA Cruelty Intervention Advocacy team, volunteers from New York Cares, and the NYPD Community Affairs Office set up shop in the 113th Precinct in Jamaica, Queens, this weekend to provide free dog houses, pet ID tags, dog food, behavioral support and educational materials to community members and their canine companions. These resources were in high demand: We distributed 35 large dog houses, as well as rain checks for 15 more houses as part of a pilot program called Operation Gimme Shelter for at-risk pets.

New York City has experienced unusually frigid temperatures and record-breaking snowfall this winter, resulting in numerous reports to the NYPD of pets left out in the cold. In some cases, pet owners lack the resources or financial means to purchase dog houses. As temperatures remain below freezing and snow continues to fall in NYC, we’re relieved that Saturday’s dog house recipients will stay warm and dry.

It’s important for pet parents to note that if it’s too cold for people to be outside, it’s too cold for pets to be outside without protection. For more information about our work for at-risk pets in NYC, please visit our Cruelty Intervention Advocacy program online.

ASPCA’s Operation Gimme Shelter

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A dog house keeps them dry and protects against the wind, but not the bitter cold.
I often wonder "how would you like to be chained out in the bitter cold and snow."
These people should never own a dog! If you have to chain it - you shouldn't have it!

Teresa Cunnane

It is hard to understand why people have pets and don't allow them to be inside to share love with the family. Maybe there is no love inside. At least the igloos keep the wind off of them. Some pets are simply more blessed than others with good humans who really care for them.


I completely agree... why have a pet if you're just going to leave them outside in the cold??


Unless the dog house is heated, way too cold for a pet to be outside.


How are these plastic dog houses protecting dogs outside in freezing weather and why is the ASPCA encouraging this? These people who leave their animals outside shouldn't have them in the first place, never mind giving them dog houses! IF they cant afford to take care of them, even providing food, how are they allowed to keep them????


I totally agree that the pets should be inside, even if in a basement, but for clarification purposes only, the Igloo doghouses that the ASPCA & this organization is donating are double layerer & provide a thermal break. If straw or bedding (comforters/blankets etc) are also provided, it does provide warmth & respite from the cold temps. Not the ideal, but better than no shelter at all.


Also the size of the dog house is closely matched to the dog & therefore with bedding of whatever nature (straw or comforters etc) the dogs own body heat in the appropriate size house (which also has a double layered base) will keep them warm enough. Some breeds are meant to be & prefer to be outside dogs & if good protection in the form of a insulated dog house is provided this can be a viable solution. Some people can't take their pets inside due to allergies that develop, they aren't always callous people who don't care & this is a possible solution. Having said all of this, I don't think any dog under 40 or 50 lbs should be kept outside, this can work for larger dogs & those with double coats.


I agree with all comments, ASPCA should remove these dogs and find adopters who can provide them what they need. I love Eagledpar4 and Theresa Cunnane comments. I see there are people with good hearts out there. If I would have money would have a shelter for homeless animals.


Glad to read that I'm not the only one who had this same reaction to the dog houses. Perhaps it's better than nothing, but yes, people who treat their animals this way should not be allowed to have them.


And they couldn't bring the dogs inside... for what reason?! Some of them are pits and they don't do well in the cold... or the heat for that matter. That being said, in response to some of you below... We had a husky and a lab when I was a kid and my father kept hay in their dog houses. If it was really cold, they would go in one dog house. But we did bring them in at night. The husky actually preferred to be outside.