ASPCA Offers $15,000 Reward in Puppy Cruelty Case

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 1:15pm
the rescued dog

Photo credit: Heather Walsh

We are devastated to report that a three-month-old Pit Bull puppy named Joey was thrown from a car in Brentwood, Long Island, on Saturday. A witness found the tiny 10-pound pup in a plastic bag near the Sagtikos State Parkway, covered in fleas and crying out for help. Joey suffered three broken vertebrae in his neck and is recovering at the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island.

The ASPCA is offering a reward of $15,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. This reward is in addition to a $5,000 reward offered by the Suffolk County SPCA. We are also providing a $10,000 grant to the Veterinary Medical Center to offset some of the costs of treating and caring for Joey.

“We were both outraged and saddened to hear about this disturbing case of violent abuse, and the callousness that was demonstrated by those responsible,” says Matt Bershadker, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “While our ultimate hope is that these types of heinous acts never occur, this is a message that cruelty toward animals will not be tolerated. We are pleased to be in a position to help those who are helping Joey.”

If you have information related to Joey’s case, please contact the Suffolk County SPCA by calling (631) 382-7722.

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state—if you see something, call 911. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!

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Susan Guthrie

I pray for a fast recovery for you, sweet puppy. What a horrible way to start out your life! Fortunately for you, the future will be so much nicer, with a family to love you, hug you, play with you, and just make you the center of their lives. The mean people who did this to you may be caught and brought to justice, but no matter what happens, God will deal with this person(s) in His time and with His wisdom. Your pain and suffering will be vindicated. A big thank you to everyone who is helping you. I am thankful that I contribute every month to the ASPCA, knowing that my money goes to help puppies like you.


Thank God for the ASPCA being there to help all animals in need. We see way to much cruelty to animals around the world. There's a reason you should always look into what kind of animal will fit into your family not just buy or get them ause they are cute as puppies. I believe theres a reason he didn't die when he was thrown from the car, someone out there is going to get a great dog with a loving personality and someone's going to love him. My heart goes out to everyone who works and volunteers to stop cruelty to any animal! I am proud to sponsor you and I wear my orange shirt all the time and donate to shelters who are against euthanizing animals. All animals deserve respect and love no matter what. If you can't handle or take care of them put them up for adoption and check the person/family out first. Get well Joey! You are a beautiful dog.

Tatijana Grk

I will say a prayer that the person who is responsible for doing this to Joey is arrested and convicted. I firmly believe that a person who inflicts any form of animal cruelty upon any innocent creature is very likely to do the same to a human being. My prayers and thoughts are for Joey's full recovery and may he get the most incredible, loving, forever home. I'm sure that the wonderful ASPCA will make sure that he does! THANK YOU TO THE ASPCA, SUFFOLK COUNTY SPCA, VETERINARY MEDICAL CENTER of LONG ISLAND, and TO THE WITNESS WHO FOUND AND SAVED THIS PUPPY--IT'S A TRUE MIRACLE THAT YOU ARE ALL HERE TO HELP SAVE JOEY!


I wish I could severely punish whoever did this to you joey. But you have a chance to live a fulfilling life now. I have faith in the ASPCA to put you in the must loving home. My heart is with you little guy.


This is a heinous act of cruelty! These poor excuses of life need to be held accountable as do every other animal abuser.You can't get any lower than an animal or child abuser!
Because most abusers just get a slap on the wrist, (if that) it has become an acceptable practice to treat animals as disposable garbage. Wonder why sometimes good dogs go bad as they say. Who pays the price? Not the human abusers.
If he was used for bait, this dog fighting ring needs to be found and owners as well as spectators need to go to jail.
Did the people that reported this give a description of the car?
I think it is reprehensible that a reward has to be offered for people to come forward and do the right thing. Only a low life would accept the money. How sad.
Someone knows and they should do the right thing and step up to plate.Those who know are just as guilty as the person that did this.You are all criminals!

I feel they should experience the same as Joey without the sedation. If these abusers are lucky enough to recover, their new home should not be the loving one I know Joey will get BUT their temporary home should be known as jail & then their forever home should be eternity in HELL!!!!!
Speedy recovery Joey! Kudos to the animal hospital & the ASPCA for helping offset costs.


Satan is alive and well. These people will get what they deserve on Judgment day if they don't change.


So called people that do things like this need to be fed to crocs or lions. Let them scream as they get eaten alive!!!

Animal lover

You can always tell a persons character by the way they treat babies and animals. I pray that whoever did this is caught. There are other ways to deal with an unwanted animal. This was cruel and callous. My prayers go out to little Joey and ask God to bless the ASPCA for helping him.


The words are IGNORANT PSYCHO with no conscience and not one shred of respect for life, whether animal or human. You can bet this person is already a criminal of some sort,(drug dealer, fighting dogs, ect)and more than likely beats their spouse and abuses their kids!! The sooner someone turns them in the better.
Poor little baby, someone should throw that azzhole out of a moving vehicle going over the Royal Gorge Bridge!!

James Perry

Hang in there little Joey. You won't get any abuse anymore, people will love you now.