ASPCA Offers $15,000 Reward in Puppy Cruelty Case

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 1:15pm
the rescued dog

Photo credit: Heather Walsh

We are devastated to report that a three-month-old Pit Bull puppy named Joey was thrown from a car in Brentwood, Long Island, on Saturday. A witness found the tiny 10-pound pup in a plastic bag near the Sagtikos State Parkway, covered in fleas and crying out for help. Joey suffered three broken vertebrae in his neck and is recovering at the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island.

The ASPCA is offering a reward of $15,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. This reward is in addition to a $5,000 reward offered by the Suffolk County SPCA. We are also providing a $10,000 grant to the Veterinary Medical Center to offset some of the costs of treating and caring for Joey.

“We were both outraged and saddened to hear about this disturbing case of violent abuse, and the callousness that was demonstrated by those responsible,” says Matt Bershadker, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “While our ultimate hope is that these types of heinous acts never occur, this is a message that cruelty toward animals will not be tolerated. We are pleased to be in a position to help those who are helping Joey.”

If you have information related to Joey’s case, please contact the Suffolk County SPCA by calling (631) 382-7722.

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state—if you see something, call 911. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!

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I am so sad to hear again, of another cruelty case against an innocent, young animal. Joey's eyes look so sad. You were lucky to have been found. How many similar cases go undected? How many times do we hear of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, knowing of or witnessing cruelty to an animal, and yet doing nothing? That must change, we must get involved for the sake and well being of the animal. When we hear, know, witness, suspect bad things happening, SPEAK UP, ACT and GET INVOLVED.
Wishing you Joey, a speedy recovery.

Lisa A. Larramendy

God Bless You Joey, sending prayers for your speedy recovery, and for finding a loving furever home where you'll be treasured the way you deserve.
Sending a big word of thanks to the kind people who found and took the time to rescue you.
Sending Thanks to ASPCA for helping with the medical care for you and capture your assailant.


These sorry idiots need to be caught, fined and jailed. How can anyone be so cruel to do this to any animal??? I pray for swift justice and for the recovery of this undeserving puppy. If we continue to make severe penalties and offer rewards maybe this world will wake up and stop this cruelty and abuse. What has happend to us???

denice dupuis

oh please let me deal with this person!!!!!!
they would never hurt another animal again


That is terrible. What is WRONG with people??!


I hope they catch this moron.I just wonder where the rest of the pups are and the mom and dad!


sadly just another example of disregard for the elitist humans. Regardless of who did this the result will be a slap on the wrist as the laws concerning animals are not strict enough. As long as animals are just considered "property" the punishment will not fit the bill This animal lots of payback. Thank God the puppy lives..I will pray he makes a good recovery and is lovingly adopted.


I would like to see a bill passed that if a owner is caught with endangering an animal that they should have to pay a fine and work in a shelter for a year. Either work in a shelter or go to jail that simple because we cant do what they do to the animal they should have to deal with the animals under supervision and then maybe they would learn what it is like for those poor animals stupid people


Dear Joey, We are sending you so much love, light and peace! you are going to up and running and playing in no time!!! You hang in there little guy we all love you soooooooo much!!!!! xoxoxooxoxoxooxooxoxo and many more...............


My Prayers go out to you little Joey.. May God heal you and bring the horrible humane that did this to you to justice. All my love little Joey.