ASPCA Offers $15,000 Reward in Puppy Cruelty Case

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 1:15pm
the rescued dog

Photo credit: Heather Walsh

We are devastated to report that a three-month-old Pit Bull puppy named Joey was thrown from a car in Brentwood, Long Island, on Saturday. A witness found the tiny 10-pound pup in a plastic bag near the Sagtikos State Parkway, covered in fleas and crying out for help. Joey suffered three broken vertebrae in his neck and is recovering at the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island.

The ASPCA is offering a reward of $15,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. This reward is in addition to a $5,000 reward offered by the Suffolk County SPCA. We are also providing a $10,000 grant to the Veterinary Medical Center to offset some of the costs of treating and caring for Joey.

“We were both outraged and saddened to hear about this disturbing case of violent abuse, and the callousness that was demonstrated by those responsible,” says Matt Bershadker, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “While our ultimate hope is that these types of heinous acts never occur, this is a message that cruelty toward animals will not be tolerated. We are pleased to be in a position to help those who are helping Joey.”

If you have information related to Joey’s case, please contact the Suffolk County SPCA by calling (631) 382-7722.

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state—if you see something, call 911. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!

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Amy Lu Keen

Thank you, ASPCA, for your wonderful work. I'm glad that this puppy has the opportunity to find out how many caring and loving people there are in this world. And Joey.... GOOOOOOOOOD BOY!


This happened because we are living a world that becoming more wicked by the second. This society is greater becoming selfish. It's all about self. I pray this baby makes it and find a loving family.

Heather Reddick

Joey, I am so sorry that you had to meet the wrong humans. Please know that we are all not like that. Prayers for you every night. Please get well as you deserve a care free life. You deserve love.

Robert Pellegrini

Unable to comment in detail on this subject as the shear magnitude of the PROFANITY would offend most of our wonderful members. However, let me just say that the !@#$!@$ COWARD that did this is welcome to come to 6950 Bismark Rd Cocoa Florida 32922 and (attempt)throw my 275 + pound body from a car anytime. Sending love to Joey.


This person should be covered in fleas, put in a plastic bag and thrown out of a car as well! Argh, sorry! This disgusts me beyond words, but I'm so thankful that an organization like the ASPCA exists to aid little angels like Joey. I hope you find this person and bring justice for Joey. Sending prayers your way :)

Arlene H

May God and all the saints watch over Joey =)

Debbie B

WHAT A PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!!! My heart goes out to Joey for a speedy recovery and finding a wonderful family that will love him always!

Sandra W

I can barely think after hearing such a story. You can't even call them 'people', and they certainly don't deserve to be called 'animals' either, these disgusting THINGS that do such things to helpless animals and defenseless anything are of no use to society. They should be locked up forever as far as I am concerned. How can one rehablitate those w/o conscience? you can't. They sicken me and break my heart.


Praying for Joey and that the person that did this is caught and punished!


Sending love and best of wishes to Joey and his care-givers for a physical and emotional healing so he can find his way to a deserving and loving family. As for the monsters that tossed him, we can only pray they are identified and karma catches up with them.