ASPCA Helps Feed Starving Horses

Monday, September 19, 2011 - 4:00pm

While our first responders have spent much of the summer rescuing animals from floods and hurricanes, another great threat has emerged across parts of the country: extreme drought.

Stretching across Texas, Oklahoma and other southern states, the lack of rain means a lack of food for hundreds of rescued horses. It’s heartbreaking.

“With practically no hay and nothing but dirt to graze on, equine rescues and sanctuaries are struggling to feed their animals,” says Jacque Schultz, ASPCA Senior Director of Community Outreach. “The hay has to be trucked in from out of state leaving groups hard-hit by both soaring hay prices and high transportation costs.”

In response to the devastating conditions, the ASPCA has provided equine rescues with $250,000 in emergency funds to cover the cost of food. But we still need your help. Learn how you can take action to help horses today.