ASPCA Helping Care for 63 Neglected Horses in Spokane, WA

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 1:00pm

The ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team is currently on the ground in Spokane, Washington, assisting Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Services (SCRAPS) with the sheltering and daily care of 63 horses seized Nov. 15 as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

ASPCA responders will remain in Spokane, an ASPCA Partner Community, for at least the next 30 days to nurse the horses to health before their placement with various rescue groups for adoption. The ASPCA is also providing a $5,000 grant to SCRAPS to help cover expenses related to the horses’ care.

SCRAPS officials discovered the severely emaciated and dehydrated horses, who had no access to water or acceptable food, on an abandoned property. Eleven horses in critical condition were taken to a local veterinarian for immediate medical attention. The remaining horses are being cared for at the Spokane County fairgrounds by SCRAPS and ASPCA responders. Agencies assisting the ASPCA with care and sheltering include: Days End Rescue (Woodbine, Maryland); Code 3 (Longmont, Colorado); Equine Emergency Rescue Unit (Overland Park, Kansas); and Washington State Animal Response Team (Enumclaw, Washington).

Field Investigations and Response team members and horses

Local authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of the property owner on charges of animal cruelty in the first degree and transporting or confining animals in an unsafe manner. The suspect has a history of animal cruelty charges, but has ceased appearing in court for proceedings related to these prior charges. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

If you’ve given to the ASPCA recently, from the bottom of our hearts: thank you. Caring for this many horses is an enormous undertaking and a huge commitment, but we are determined to be there for animal victims of cruelty whenever they need us. If you haven’t yet given to the ASPCA lately, please consider doing so today. On behalf of animals across the country, thank you!

Field Investigations and Response team member helping horses

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Colleen Bridget

Hear, hear, Ann and S.O.. I am appalled at the ignorance and hatred of the people who are tearing Paul to pieces. They are assuming (you know what that means) when they don't even know the meaning of pathetic.

Now, here's the question we all should be asking, "How can I help?"


Believe me I have seen a lot worse , for instance in Florida a few years ago , skin and bones


April, I am one of two of the volunteers allowed with the 63 horses here in Spokane. The picture here that Mike from the ASPCA team has shared are of the very few that were at a level 3 with injury's, hoof separation etc. Let me tell you the horses seized last Friday some had to be picked up by two men and put onto the trailers to haul them to the vet, others collapsed from exhaustion, these horses were given a rather nice number when they should have been level 1/2. The bones were breaking through their hides they were so thin. Its only been a week and the difference is showing. We still have several in critical stage not knowing hour to hour if they will survive as they fight for their lives we are trying to help them. Skin and bones some had no skin left, hair is gone just the hide. So yes it is the worst in Wa state

Julia Richardson

Hey Paul,

What don't u chip in money, hay and meds and help out instead of wasting "time" with your comments? that no one wants to hear. either help out or get off the page.




While Pauls' remark was blunt and maybe misunderstood, the end result was infighting and positive energy needed to battle this animal abuse problem is being wasted. We are better than that. I have read some posts on pro-slaughter sites and the ignorance and crude comments abound. Lets not stoop to their level.


I'm so glad these horses were discovered and have been rescued, and that our donations to the ASPCA are being put to use! How can we go about finding out more information on these horses, and potentially adopting?

Sue in Montana

I saw this article posted on Facebook and I came to this page to see what the situation was and what steps are being taken to aid them. I read 5 pages of the thread hoping to garner information and the majority of the thread was directed at a comment posted at the beginning of the thread. Whether a comment is made with good intentions, ignorance or sarcasm etc., it is awfully hard to determine in text form, so maybe if he would have been asked what he meant by his post or just ignoring it for the greater good of the article would be appropriate. I applaud those who attempted to bring the discussion back to the primary concern which is in regard to the animals and I hope they have a positive outcome with the situation that they are in.


Now I can see why animal organizations have such a lot of trouble getting anything accomplished. Most of them seem to attract people with strange personality disorders. An example of this is the ridiculous argument about a troll's usage of a word! God help you.


I am sorry I started reading any of your crap. These animals are pathetic. The person who did this is a lousy human being. I wanted to know what was going to happen to these 'pathetic' horses. The ones sent to the vets are they ok? Or were they to far gone. Thanks to all of your negativity I wont be reading anything on here for a long time. I help animals, I rescue animals and I try to send help to those that need it. Not patting myself on the back, but a simple question and all you could do was attack. Shame on you, we are in such a sorry state that anything said causes so much negativity. I pray to God that we all find some compassion and love in our hearts.