ASPCA Helping Care for 63 Neglected Horses in Spokane, WA

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 1:00pm

The ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team is currently on the ground in Spokane, Washington, assisting Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Services (SCRAPS) with the sheltering and daily care of 63 horses seized Nov. 15 as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

ASPCA responders will remain in Spokane, an ASPCA Partner Community, for at least the next 30 days to nurse the horses to health before their placement with various rescue groups for adoption. The ASPCA is also providing a $5,000 grant to SCRAPS to help cover expenses related to the horses’ care.

SCRAPS officials discovered the severely emaciated and dehydrated horses, who had no access to water or acceptable food, on an abandoned property. Eleven horses in critical condition were taken to a local veterinarian for immediate medical attention. The remaining horses are being cared for at the Spokane County fairgrounds by SCRAPS and ASPCA responders. Agencies assisting the ASPCA with care and sheltering include: Days End Rescue (Woodbine, Maryland); Code 3 (Longmont, Colorado); Equine Emergency Rescue Unit (Overland Park, Kansas); and Washington State Animal Response Team (Enumclaw, Washington).

Field Investigations and Response team members and horses

Local authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of the property owner on charges of animal cruelty in the first degree and transporting or confining animals in an unsafe manner. The suspect has a history of animal cruelty charges, but has ceased appearing in court for proceedings related to these prior charges. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

If you’ve given to the ASPCA recently, from the bottom of our hearts: thank you. Caring for this many horses is an enormous undertaking and a huge commitment, but we are determined to be there for animal victims of cruelty whenever they need us. If you haven’t yet given to the ASPCA lately, please consider doing so today. On behalf of animals across the country, thank you!

Field Investigations and Response team member helping horses

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Herbert Erdmenger

Jill, I love your response...I could not have put it better

S. O. Rooney

I can't help myself... talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


What kind of a nasty remark is that? They deserve a second chance and there are people out there who will care for them if given the chance.


Whoa...slow down, folks. Grab a dictionary before you start berating Paul. The term "pathetic" in its first intention actually means: causing feelings of sadness and sympathy. Just because we have used the term loosely and more frequently in a negative manner does not necessarily mean that's how it was intended here. In a very literal sense, yes, these horses are extremely pathetic and deserve our sympathy and compassion. If you truly want to help, stop judging others and donate to their care.



S. O. Rooney

Absolutely agreed! Thank you!

Mary G. Moreno

Tell you what - let's pen you and the owner both without water or food for the same length of time these horses were. And then let's not rescue either because the ASPCA is an animal rescue, NOT A SCUM BAG RESCUE.

Colleen Bridget

Mary-Really-Scumbag? I always try to see the best in people and I truly believe Paul meant it as sympathetic, concerned animal lover. And if he meant it otherwise, does that mean we should go down to that level with him. People let's stop hating!

Cecelia Yinger

Rescue them. If you have to ask that question you aren"t very intelligent!

Mary Daubenberhger

..better yet ..what are we going to do with these pathetic people...I would give up my own food for these poor I stand here by my computer with tears in my eyes I ask God to please forgive us.