ASPCA Happy Tails: A Virtual Match

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 10:45am

It’s a classic “love at first sight” story—while browsing Facebook, Aurora Bergmann saw a post featuring Berry, a special pit bull terrier in need of a home at the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City. Bergmann felt Berry’s picture was posted just for her. According to the post, Berry would thrive with lots of room to roam and a canine companion—two things Bergmann had plenty of.

A country life with Bergmann’s family—including their four dogs—seemed like a perfect fit. The Bergmanns had adopted and rescued three of their four dogs, and when they visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City for the first time in October, they were on a mission to meet Berry and take her home.

“It gives us joy to be able to help a dog,” Bergmann says.

It was immediately clear that Berry was happy to be home—and she quickly became comfortable in the family’s fur-filled household. 

“When we come home, she wags her tail and gives us kisses,” Bergman says. Berry loves spending her time romping around outside on the Bergmann’s land, and is coming around to spending time inside the house, too.

She plays with the four other dogs, but is especially chummy with a pit bull mix. Bergmann’s son rescued a sweet pit who had been abandoned by the side of a highway in New Jersey, and it warmed the family to the pit bull breed.

“Now we realize what wonderful dogs they are,” Bergmann says.

 We couldn’t agree more. We think Berry is one lucky pooch!

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... feels so good to have other people knowing there is love on first sight


Always happy to hear a good ending to a story of a dog in need of a good home. We recently lost Georgia, our Pit Bull/Beagle mix which we got from a local animal rescue. She was sick & we had to have her put down on 25 August. It was one of my sadest days and many sad days to follow. Although we still have our Husky, Belle, we miss Georgia every day. We will most likely, eventually, get another small pooch but for now, it's only Belle, who by the way, showed many signs of missing her little friend and felt our sadness. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do for these defenseless, loveable animals.


God Bless The Bergmanns!!!! they are very special people. Much happiness and love for Berry :)


Pitties have so much love to give. Thanks for returning some to Berry! What a blessed dog to have exactly what she needs from a family that adores her!


I just love pits and Berry is sooo cute! So glad someone accepted her for what she is!! love happy tails!!

I too have a rescued pibble named Berry! How cool is that? Years and years of wonderful love and luck to all of Berry's family, both furry and human.


Thanks so much for sharing your familie's Pittie love story. God Bless you and your son! These beautiful, gentle, loving and affectionate dogs desperately need us to spread the word about their HUGE, beautiful hearts.
It broke my heart to only be able to rescue one sweetie from NYAC&C. I urge everyone to encourage friends and family to rescue a pit bull; especially, from high-kill shelters such as AC&C.There are so many beautiful pitties there that only want to live to love you.

Barbara Frasier

This tale brought tears to my eyes... Bless you and your family for making room in your home and hearts for a Bully Breed that most likely would have been PTS. Shelters are overflowing with pitties that have been abandoned and abused.
If only folks knew what love bugs these dogs are given a loving environment.

Jessica Daubendiek

The reality is that pit bulls are loveable snuggle bunnies! okay, not really bunnies, but people are quick to judge these beautiful dogs. They are not visious killers that the media has people to believe. The only reason you cannot trust pit bulls is they will steal your hearts and force a smile on your face when your feeling down. They only way a breed can mean is the way they are treated. No two dogs are the same, and neither are people. However, people are quick to say ALL PITS ARE MEAN!!!! which is not true!
Perfect example, I have four dogs. One is a australian mix german shepherd. Another is a sheltie mix australian shepherd. Another is a russell terrier, and last is bella our pit bull. Out of all the dogs, she is the most lazy loveable calm dog. She hardly barks and act like everyone is her best friend. Also thinks she is a lap dog. She get easily scared at thurder, fireworks, screaming, vaccums, and brooms. She has feelings and people ingore the fact that pits have feelings.

Long story short, I feel she found us. The reason I say that is that yes, I rescued her, but she was sitting in the back pouch waiting for the door to open up. She did not attact the other dogs or me when I open up the door to found out she was there. To this day, I do not know how she got there. Where she came from and why she chose to find her forever home in my heart. I can never ask her about her past life, why she had scars along her body. How many litters she was force to have or why is such a sweetheart.
People, before you are quick to judge these loveable dogs and spend time with one at a shelter. Back up your options with a fact that not everything you read in the media is true about this dogs.