ASPCA Happy Tails: Pit Perfect

Monday, December 23, 2013 - 9:30am
Pit bull with bouncy ears wearing a jacket outside

When Jarret and Jasmine adopted a pit bull named Ranger, they knew they had a lot to learn about the breed. In the year since his adoption, Ranger has become their constant companion, their snuggle-buddy, and the greatest teacher they could have asked for. Here is their story, as told by Jarett:

Prior to meeting Ranger, Jasmine and I never really considered getting a pit bull. We were aware of the prejudices that existed toward the breed; many of our friends and family had never even interacted with a pit bull before. But we fell in love with Ranger and adopted him from the ASPCA in September 2012.

Despite the harsh conditions he came from, Ranger is incredibly affectionate. He loves to snuggle and lick our faces. Every day when we come home, he is waiting to greet us. When guests come over, he brings out one of his toys and plays with anyone he can. He is full of love and trust and enjoys his life to the fullest.

Since adopting Ranger, we have become much more involved in raising awareness of the breed. We attend events and take him out as often as possible. He has undoubtedly changed both of our lives, and he has changed the way many of our friends and family see pit bulls. We want to say thank you to the ASPCA and all of the staff. I hope you realize that the work you do not only makes a difference in the animals’ lives, but in the lives of the individuals who make these animals a part of their family.

Close up of a brindle pit bull laying on floor

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Thank you to Jarret and Jasmine for adopting sweet Ranger and for giving him such a loving, compassionate, safe and fun-filled home.
He is living his life to the fullest and that is the greatest lesson he is teaching us all. Great story.

Sally Richards

I agree with you on Pit Bulls. Last year Dec. 2012 I was very much anti Pit. In May 2013 I adopted my Gracie and at the time the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago told me she was a Lab mix. Turns out 5 months later I realized she was also Pit mix. I adore her, she's amazing, and clownish and very affectionate. I'm a huge Pit Bull advocate now. It's not the breed it's the very nasty people that make this awesome dog mean.


You need to stop showing the very disturbing ads on television. I turn the channel EVERYTIME YOU SHOW IT. IT'S CRUEL. WE ALL know animal abuse is out there but STOP BROADCASTING it


Dear "Upset", Yes, the pictures are very, very disturbing. I cannot look at them either, but they have helped spur me to DO something. I would suggest you direct your anger into helping the animals -- by volunteering at a local shelter, by making a small donation to any number of organizations that help rescue abused animals, by signing online petitions to better the lives of animals, etc. And believe it or not, there are many people out there who don't think that animal abuse amounts to much. Our laws certainly do not harshly punish animal abusers. There are a lot of morons who think that puppy mills are a good business and pit bull fighting is a legit "sport" and lab animals are being cruelly used and abused to "save mankind," and farm animals are for slaughtering, so why should anyone care. It's cruel that the pictures exist. Yes, they're sickening. It's cruel what is happening to helpless animals who cannot "change the channel."


They'll take them off when the abuse stops. If you don't like it, do something about that, not the people "broadcasting it". How cruel and selfish to have the nerve to complain about how the abuse of others is affecting YOU. Poor you, having to sit in the comfort of your home watching TV and then have to be reminded again about these animals in incredible pain from abuse and neglect. Apparently you would like them to just suffer tremendously in private. What a horrible thing for you to complain about.

Kathy in the Bronx

What the others have said.

In addition, this is not the proper place to post complaints like this. This is the place to post congratulatory and supportive comments.

I find those ads disturbing, too, but they are absolutely necessary to raise awareness of the horrible abuse that goes on. We need to complain about the abuse, not about the ads.