ASPCA Happy Tails: Love, Actively

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 3:00pm
Light colored cat with tongue out

Nina the cat has always been something of a troublemaker. By the time she was three months old, she was known around the ASPCA Adoption Center for her endless energy and feisty antics. We knew that she would need an experienced adopter who could handle her mischievous ways, but we were having trouble finding the right match. Little did we know that the perfect fit was right under our nose (or should we say whiskers?) the entire time! Here is the Happy Tail of Nina and her new mom, Lori.

Lori is a volunteer at the ASPCA Adoption Center. She spends most of her time socializing with cats, but when she met Nina in September, she could tell that this kitten needed extra attention. As Lori recalls, “Nina was beautiful and cute and had a LOT of energy. I found myself making sure I spent time with her every single day.”

Cats hanging out on cat treeOver the next four months, Lori got to know the tiny tigress. Though she was unpredictable—alternating between playing and growling—Nina won Lori over.  In fact, Lori even had Nina’s photograph as the screen saver on her phone! On New Year’s Day, an ASPCA staffer noticed the screen saver, and, touched, suggested that Lori become Nina’s foster mom. She agreed, and a few days later the kitty was moving in.

At first, Lori was concerned about how Nina’s spitfire ways would translate in an apartment. But, she says, “Less than 24 hours after bringing her home, Nina was rubbing against my legs, giving me head-butts, and soliciting affection. It was amazing.” A month later, she was officially adopted.

Nowadays, Nina, Lori, and Lori’s other cat Betty are living a charmed life. Lori says that the two cats may never be BFFs (Best Feline Friends), but that they coexist very peacefully. And, most importantly, Nina is thriving: “She’s a total momma’s girl. She follows me around the apartment and greets me at the door when I come home. She still loves to play until she is out of breath, but has also discovered the joys of cuddling and lap time.”

Though Nina may always be a troublemaker, she is proof that there’s a perfect person for every animal. We are so grateful to Lori for opening her heart—and her home—to this kitty, and we wish them nothing but joy (and maybe some relaxation) in the future.

ASPCA volunteer with newly adopted cat

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