ASPCA Happy Tails: Karma Comes Around

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 11:45am

For a tiny, three-legged Chihuahua, Karma makes a very big impression. In March, the 6-lb. pup caught the eye of a woman named Diane, who was already at the ASPCA to adopt another dog named Gracie. In the weeks that ensued, Diane settled in with Gracie—but she just couldn’t get Karma out of her mind. True to her name, this little dog found the loving home she truly deserved.

Karma came to the ASPCA in October 2012 when she was surrendered by her owners. Though she was young, she suffered from a kidney disease and a leg injury that needed to be addressed before she could be adopted. As a result of her injury, doctors at the ASPCA Animal Hospital had to amputate her front right leg. It was during Karma’s recovery that Diane first laid eyes on the teeny pup.

“When I went to adopt Gracie, I saw this precious little thing who had just had surgery to amputate her leg. I wanted to take her home, too, but she was still recovering and wasn’t available for adoption,” Diane recalls. While she and Gracie settled in to their new life, Karma also remained in Diane’s mind. “I kept calling and checking the adoption page to see if she was available. I had pictures in my phone as if she was already mine!”


Sure enough, as soon as Karma’s injuries healed, Diane returned to the ASPCA to adopt her. At the Adoption Center, our vets gave Diane Karma’s full medical history. She laughs, “Her file looked like a novel—it had to weigh more than she did!” But despite the pup’s issues, Diane was determined. “I loved her instantly and there was nothing they could say to make me feel otherwise. Karma had had so much bad luck throughout her short life, and I was ready to change that.”

In the weeks that followed, Karma adjusted to her new home. Because of the recent amputation, she had some trouble learning to walk on Diane’s slippery wood floors. Diane gave her rubber booties to help her gain confidence, and pretty soon she was up and running! “She’s the quickest little thing you will ever see on three legs,” says Diane. “She is faster than most of the dogs in the dog park.” Karma loves to play with Gracie, snuggle at night, and even dress up in costumes—you can catch her sartorial choices on the Instagram account that Diane’s daughters keep in Karma’s name.

“Karma and Gracie are so special, I can hardly believe there are people in this world that would abandon these precious little babies,” says Diane. But we all know that karma works in funny ways, and in this case, at least, we think it was meant to be.

Karma and Gracie

Dream the Dog looks over person's shoulder

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What a beautiful story. We need more people out there like this to rescue these precious animals.


Does anyone have any dog stew recipies? Im tired of eating the same one. Are there any variations?


Karma and Gracie are pure magic -- so totally adorable and sweet. Thank you, wonderful Diane, for giving these precious doggies the beautiful, fun-filled, safe, cherished home they deserve. Nothing but Good Karma and Love for you and your family from here on out! They are a blessing and I am so glad you 3 found each other.


Diane you are a hero. I wish there were more sensitive and good people like you in this world. You bring a tear to my eyes and a new found faith in humanity you are truly blessed.

Suzanne Billings

I admire you Diane and wish there were many more out there like you. This brought tears to my eyes but ended so happily. I too will always go for the little ones with the least chance to find a forever home. I have two rescue chihuahua's and at one time had 6 rescue cats. Only have 2 left but they all lived to be very old but happy kitties.
Thank you for reaching out to this precious little one.

janna ward

thank you for being so kind and loving I need to know of good in the world when I see and here of the sick people who should be put to sleep
thank you an angle

Richard R

There is an Angel walking the earth and her name is Diane

Tennessee honey


Debbie Plott

Diane, you absolutely ROCK!


They are precious. So wonderful of you to take them both in and love them. Enjoy your life together!!