ASPCA Happy Tails: Hide and Seek

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 10:15am

Genevra Pittman visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City hoping to find a perfect companion for her cat Lulu. She succeeded, adopting a shy kitty named Wes. It didn’t take long for Wes to break out of his shell and join the family. Pittman shared the following story with us:

In early August 2012, we came back to the ASPCA to look for a companion for our 5-year-old cat Lulu. She was getting a little crazy while we were at work all day and needed a companion.

After meeting with all the cats that were known to get along with other kitties, we decided to take a chance and go for a very shy little guy, whom we named Wes. The staff told us that Wes, just under a year old, was rescued from a hoarding situation and might always be shy.

At first, Wes was so shy and scared that we lost track of him when he crawled into spots in our bedroom we didn't know existed. He would shake uncontrollably if he didn't have a shelter to hide in.

Slowly, Wes became more adventurous: He'd take a few steps out of his hiding spot, look around, and then retreat. Within a few days, Wes tried to escape the bedroom to explore the apartment. He rubbed against our legs and played with a catnip ball. He found quiet spots around the apartment to nap, and tried to steal Lulu's food.

Now, Wes never forgets to remind us when it's dinner time. Sometimes he'll nap while being cradled like a baby and scratched under the chin. He loves attention, cuddling, sleeping on our bed, waiting outside the bathroom door while we shower and kicking a tin foil ball madly around the living room. Sometimes he chases himself around the apartment and gets Lulu to play along. Our shoes are never where we left them when we get home because he uses them to hide behind when he's found something—usually a ball—to pounce on.

Wes seems to have found a home where he feels safe and happy, and we couldn't be happier to have him.

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Jagdish Mittal

very nice story Indeed


I have never had the opportunity to adopt from a shelter sine all my dogs and cats have been strays I took home. Ruby is a staffie. She was roaming in my neighborhood hungry and thirsty. I proceeded to find her owners unsuccessfully. Ruby was pregnant and riddled with worms, including heart worms. She had 7 puppies, all healthy and beautiful. I placed them all with the exception of Sadie, a Mama's girl. Both have been with me for 6 years now. Ruby is sweet, gentle with people and children. She likes my two small dogs. She enjoys bathing in the sun and has a look of adoration when she looks at me. It is true she does not like outside pets but I have never regretted taking her and Sadie in. Neighbors who said "I was courageous" have no idea what they are talking about. I always try to have them meet people who do not know them to show them how sweet they are.

Debbie Scott

I love to read stories like this! It just goes to show you that there is hope for almost every animal that has been abused! All it takes is love a good home and lots of patience!


What super people to take Wes home and give him a chance to thrive! From our local no-kill shelter, my husband and I have adopted many special needs kitties, older little ladies and gentlemen and those who, like Wes, may need a while to show their true personalities. We love baby kittens, of course, who doesn't, but there is something special about adopting an older kitty, one who really needs you or the one who may not shine as brightly as the others and watch each one blossom. Their sweet gratitude and complete love are incomparable.

Love the orange...

Total <3 for that gorgeous orange dreamsicle! :) And major kudos to Wes' family for taking him in and loving him - despite his "issues."


This is such a beautiful story that it just made me cry.


I wish there were more people like Mrs. Pittman. I wish people would realize that kittens , although adorable, grow up to be cats, and that they are not perfect, but still have feelings and a heartbeat like we do., and that they need to be spayed and neutered and people need to realize this before adopting them.I wish people would realize that when they abandon a cat , that the cat can't "fend fro himself". He has been used to being fed and doesn't understand why he's being abandoned or know what to do. My heart cries every time I hear of an abandoned cat.

Rose Ann

I love to hear stories like this because I love to win over the ones that others seem to not want. Ms. Pittman you are awesome for taking in "Wes".


Aww!! SO happy for Wes!!! <3

Laura Todd

I'm so happy for Wes & his family! My first cat was Tigerlady, an orange cat that looked a lot like Wes, then we got Murphy, who was also orange. Anytime I see a cat like Wes, I'm extra happy for the famiy that got him. I'm so glad he is comfy & happy in his new home! Good for him! God bless Genevra & her family!