ASPCA Happy Tails: Foster Kitten Becomes a Forever Pet

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 2:30pm
Tiny orange kitten

At the ASPCA, we have nothing but love for the members of our Foster Care Program. These generous, kind-hearted people open their homes to young, sick, or small animals that are not yet ready for permanent placement, and give them love and comfort until they’re ready to move on. So when we heard about Leia, a tiny kitten who won the heart of her foster mom, we had a feeling she was something special. We tracked down Emily H. to find out just how Leia went from temporary resident to full-time family member. Here is their very Happy Tail.

“When I first met Leia, she was so tiny,” recalls Emily. “She was smaller than her littermates, Han Solo and Padme, and she wouldn’t eat.” An expert foster mom, Emily syringe-fed Leia baby food for a week to help her gain some weight and find her appetite. The Force must have been strong back then, as the intimate feeding experience bonded the two in a way that Emily could not deny. “When the other foster kitties went back to the shelter to find their forever homes, I already knew that Leia’s forever home was with us.”

In the year since her adoption, Leia has grown into a perfect pet. Thanks to Emily’s persistence, the teeny kitten mastered the art of eating—in fact, Emily is thinking it might be time to cut back! She is so curious and playful that it’s almost easy to forget how timid and small she once was.

A true testament to the power of fostering, Emily left us with an encouraging message. “Shelters are full of beautiful cats with incredible personalities, and I cannot recommend the foster program enough. Your new best friend might be waiting for you right now at the ASPCA!”

For more information on Fostering, please visit the ASPCA Foster Program Page. To submit your own Happy Tail, email [email protected] and we might feature it on the blog!

Orange cat laying on its back with paws raised

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she is beautiful, bless you for giving her a home.

Vane Mar

Such a cute Cat, thanks for all the foster parents out there helping all the beautiful animals that need help and love.

Jeanne Flynn

She is so beautiful. God Bless you all. <3


Beautiful Leia! My cats are always adopted from shelters ... though they rescue me as much as I rescue them!


I fostered a cat and ended keeping her. They seem to appreciate you a lot more when that happens. We recently lost her to kidney failure, adopted another kitten though!

Lisa Carnley

How sweet!! Love seeing stories of little angels getting forever homes with loving families!!! Thank you, Emily for giving this baby the home she deserves. :) Bless you!!


This is a beautiful story thank you Emily for giving her a happy life. If anyone
else is interested in an orange cat I have one that looks like "Morris" and he needs
a forever home. He is also in Louisville, KY There is also a solid black one needing
a home both beautiful cats. Let me know or how can I adopt them out. They
were abandon by owners that moved and made there way into my apt. They love
to cuddle so sweet. Thank you



Sandy Deland

Emily, you are an angel on earth. Thank you for caring for baby Leia and opening your heart and home to her. She is beautiful, and has grown into a beautiful cat. I have a boy named Jason who could be her twin!
Bless you! I wish there were a world of you and those like you!


What a sweet cat! Good for Emily to give her heart to that skinny kitten and fed and loved her to become a beautiful cat. People forget all creatures come from God and don't deserve the treatment these animals receive.