ASPCA Happy Tails: A Dog Worth Waiting For

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 11:00am
Happy brindle pit bull

In 2011, Spike (also known as Spice) was living in a squalid basement. Tied to a wall with a short leash, he had no access to food or water. He was severely emaciated, weighing only 32 pounds when the ASPCA rescued him. Over the next two years, staff at the ASPCA nursed him to health and brought his weight up to 54 pounds. But despite his sweet, loving temperament, Spike just couldn’t find a home. We worried he might never get adopted. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got the greatest gift of all.

Joe and Lou, two brothers from New Jersey, first learned about Spike on Facebook. They had been looking for a dog for a while when someone shared Spike’s photo on their timeline. “I figured the right dog would come along eventually, and he did,” said Lou. The very next day, December 24, they went to the ASPCA Adoption Center and adopted Spike.

Emaciated pit bull

Many ASPCA staff said goodbye to the precious pit bull with tears of joy—no one more so than Animal Care Technician Trevor Simms. Trevor worked with Spike daily during his time at the ASPCA. Despite the bittersweet goodbye, Trevor couldn’t have asked for a better holiday miracle.

“Finally,” was all he could manage to say.

Spike now spends his days with Joe and Lou at their racing shop in New Jersey. He spends his nights in their warm, loving home.

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ASPCA staffer hanging out with dog

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so sweet! bless your hearts! why can't us humans just love our fellow creatures?


We adopted a Great Dane in 2012 who had also been tied to a tree outside not fed etc, she weighed 39 lbs and this is for a 2 year old Dane. To say she was abused is not describing her condition. The woman who had her worked in the field of caring for the elderly. How anyone can tie an animal up and everyday walk by it and see it dying little by little should be a crime punishable by a long jail time. There is no excuse and law should finally see this. She had heartworm also and really wasnt expected to live but with the loving care of the rescue group that saved her she was 102 lbs when I got her and is now 115 and a happy loving girl and loves her Dane sister who also was rescued.

Renee M.

My heart aches for so many of these animals that people (humans) do this to. All I can say is, please just let me tie those same humans up with no food and water or leave them out in the cold! HELL will be waiting for anyone who can hurt one of these sweet babies. They bleed red and they have beating hearts and feelings. Punishments need to become harsher for these idiots that can do these things.

Brenda Kaye Hix...

Thank God this beautiful intelligent baby found a home and is cared for and loved. Thank you Joe and Lou for taking Spike, he is a beautiful boy.


I love a happy ending. Congrats to Joe, Lou and Spike and a special thank you to Trevor.