ASPCA Happy Tails: A Dog Worth Waiting For

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 11:00am
Happy brindle pit bull

In 2011, Spike (also known as Spice) was living in a squalid basement. Tied to a wall with a short leash, he had no access to food or water. He was severely emaciated, weighing only 32 pounds when the ASPCA rescued him. Over the next two years, staff at the ASPCA nursed him to health and brought his weight up to 54 pounds. But despite his sweet, loving temperament, Spike just couldn’t find a home. We worried he might never get adopted. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got the greatest gift of all.

Joe and Lou, two brothers from New Jersey, first learned about Spike on Facebook. They had been looking for a dog for a while when someone shared Spike’s photo on their timeline. “I figured the right dog would come along eventually, and he did,” said Lou. The very next day, December 24, they went to the ASPCA Adoption Center and adopted Spike.

Emaciated pit bull

Many ASPCA staff said goodbye to the precious pit bull with tears of joy—no one more so than Animal Care Technician Trevor Simms. Trevor worked with Spike daily during his time at the ASPCA. Despite the bittersweet goodbye, Trevor couldn’t have asked for a better holiday miracle.

“Finally,” was all he could manage to say.

Spike now spends his days with Joe and Lou at their racing shop in New Jersey. He spends his nights in their warm, loving home.

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ASPCA staffer hanging out with dog

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I am so happy for Spike, Joe and Lou. May you all have a wonderful life together. I am sad for Trevor but he can be so proud of what he did for Spike! Good luck to all!


Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow...a true Christmas Eve story. May 2014 be a very Happy New Year for all involved with this handsome, sweet dog.


I give thanks to ALL who come to give these of GODS creatures that
deserve all the love that GOD has intended for the to recieve finally !!!!
To those who do these things to GODS creatures.THEY WILL HAVE TO

Giancarla Fratini

There are miracles everywhere. Humans are changing their behaviour and understand that compassion and empathy are necessary in this world. My daughter in California also adopted a pitbull last december and OMG he is so sweet and suffers separation anxiety. Slowly and patiently he will know that it will be his forever home. Animals deserve our respect and understanding. I am so happy happy for Spice!! He has a most sweet look in his eyes. I am sure the rest of his life will be full of happiness and joy in his forever home.


Thank you Joe and Lou! You are both a blessing to Spike as he is to you!!!


sadly this isn't the worse thing that's happened. I heard a story about a puppy thrown out of a car while the car was moving. The puppy suffered two broken legs, but was rescued by a good Samaritan.


Nothing is more monstrous that cruelty to the innocent, be it creatures or children. It breaks my heart. I am grateful beyond words for those that step up to help. And I trust that what goes around comes around, and that those who were responsible will get their just and due penalty.

Joann Stephens

What a great rescue story. I wonder what happened to the previous owners of Spike? I hear all of these tragic stories of the abuse that happens to these helpless animals, I want to know if the owners are ever prosecuted or even fined for animal cruelty. The ASPCA needs to push for harsher penalty's on these parasites, how about some of the donations going towards rewards to people that will report animal abuse and having attorney's that represent the abuse cases.

Trudie Wessels

What a miracle!! Even though saying good bye must have been so hard for Trevor - I want to commend Trevor for the love and care he has given to Spike. I am also so thankful that Spike found a new loving home and may they all have happy and long lives together!!