ASPCA Happy Tails: A Dog Worth Waiting For

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 11:00am
Happy brindle pit bull

In 2011, Spike (also known as Spice) was living in a squalid basement. Tied to a wall with a short leash, he had no access to food or water. He was severely emaciated, weighing only 32 pounds when the ASPCA rescued him. Over the next two years, staff at the ASPCA nursed him to health and brought his weight up to 54 pounds. But despite his sweet, loving temperament, Spike just couldn’t find a home. We worried he might never get adopted. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got the greatest gift of all.

Joe and Lou, two brothers from New Jersey, first learned about Spike on Facebook. They had been looking for a dog for a while when someone shared Spike’s photo on their timeline. “I figured the right dog would come along eventually, and he did,” said Lou. The very next day, December 24, they went to the ASPCA Adoption Center and adopted Spike.

Emaciated pit bull

Many ASPCA staff said goodbye to the precious pit bull with tears of joy—no one more so than Animal Care Technician Trevor Simms. Trevor worked with Spike daily during his time at the ASPCA. Despite the bittersweet goodbye, Trevor couldn’t have asked for a better holiday miracle.

“Finally,” was all he could manage to say.

Spike now spends his days with Joe and Lou at their racing shop in New Jersey. He spends his nights in their warm, loving home.

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ASPCA staffer hanging out with dog

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Jenny Patterson

This makes me so happy to hear such a wonderful story! I hope Spike has a long and very happy life with his new family. We recently rescued a 14 year old Border Collier after losing one of ours to Liver failure. 'Sparky' was given up by her family at 12 years old as they didn't want her anymore. The vet refused to put her down and found her a rescue place where she spent the next 2 years waiting for her 'furever' home. Well she has definitely found it! She such a character and we love her to bits!


We need more people like Joe and Lou. Most people say to themselves, "I can't take in another pet at this time." That's what I used to think also. Then we had a wild feral cat in our yard have 2 litters of kittens that I took in and couldn't find homes for all. This was in addition to the 5 cats I already had. I still have a total of 10 cats/kittens. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to take care of and feed them all. People need to say to themselves, "I need to take in that needy pet even though I already have a few pets and have limited funds." If everyone would do this and do it responsibly, we could eliminate the need for finding so many desperately needed homes for pets.


My wife rescued a little mixed breed with wiry hair that was abandoned at her Vet clinic. Although Petey was not the most attractive fellow, we loved him and knew there would be that special person looking for him and thinking he was the most handsome dog- YES, it happened after about six months. We got holiday cards from Petey and new family for years afterwards. There is a lid for every pot!


This is so so sweet. I live in New Jersey--where is their racing shop? I want to go say hi to Spike!

Donna Libbey

These two young men will be blessed more than they could ever know with the love of Spike. Rescues are the best.


It's always so great when an animal gets rescued and adopted. Thank you to all the people who love animals and also work in shelters. I wish there was a law against an animal being tied down on a chain or rope as this is a from of animal cruelty, Why have a dog, to just tie him outside. We need a law.

mary gormley

Ah this is one fantastic story and im so really happy it has a wonderful ending


Where did my comment go?

Barbara Sondra ...

What a beautiful face this dog has. Who could not love him? Joe, Lou and Spike are so lucky to have found one another.

Rev. Doug Bilyeu

I agree. There is a special place in hell that will address the cruelty that these so called human beings will experience their just due. Unfortunately, to me it will not be soon enough. How can these so called human beings do this? The Lord for some
reason will bring justice and love full circle.

I pary every day that these people receive their JUST DUE!

Rev. Doug

God bless all of us who truly love God's animals!