ASPCA Happy Tails: A Dog Worth Waiting For

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 11:00am
Happy brindle pit bull

In 2011, Spike (also known as Spice) was living in a squalid basement. Tied to a wall with a short leash, he had no access to food or water. He was severely emaciated, weighing only 32 pounds when the ASPCA rescued him. Over the next two years, staff at the ASPCA nursed him to health and brought his weight up to 54 pounds. But despite his sweet, loving temperament, Spike just couldn’t find a home. We worried he might never get adopted. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got the greatest gift of all.

Joe and Lou, two brothers from New Jersey, first learned about Spike on Facebook. They had been looking for a dog for a while when someone shared Spike’s photo on their timeline. “I figured the right dog would come along eventually, and he did,” said Lou. The very next day, December 24, they went to the ASPCA Adoption Center and adopted Spike.

Emaciated pit bull

Many ASPCA staff said goodbye to the precious pit bull with tears of joy—no one more so than Animal Care Technician Trevor Simms. Trevor worked with Spike daily during his time at the ASPCA. Despite the bittersweet goodbye, Trevor couldn’t have asked for a better holiday miracle.

“Finally,” was all he could manage to say.

Spike now spends his days with Joe and Lou at their racing shop in New Jersey. He spends his nights in their warm, loving home.

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ASPCA staffer hanging out with dog

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What was done with the previous owner? I pray that justice was served.

Ann B

Thank you, for the rescue and the adoption. So glad Spike has a home, finally.

Ali Moshrefi

Beautiful story. I love everyone who loves animals! :-) I really don't understand people who hurt them. Best of everything to Joe & Lou, and Spike! Good boy! :-)


Keep up the fantastic work you do. You are all canine angels..and other species angels as well!


Wonderful for such an abused and needy animal to finally find love. We need stronger penalties and more careful policing of animal owners. In upstate NY (ROOT) we have just been following the story of a "breeder" who had more than 40 dogs-shepherds and shitzus-living outdoors without adequate housing or care. He has been allowed to keep 17 puppies and will be allowed to have the rest back once he 'builds shelters' for them. Doesn't anyone else think this is outrageous?


My first love is cats, however, I love dogs also and am horrified over how some of these dogs are found. I sometimes wish I had a huge farm where I could bring them all and give them love and of course food. God never intended for these precious animals to be treated in such a manner. As a child I forced my parents to adopt a stray dog that looked malnurished and this was in the 50's recently I rescued a kitten that had been abused and still have her. I agree, the owners of previous owners of these pets need severe punishment on them and like jeff, I won't emphasize on the type of punishment!

Marta Archer

I am almost afraid to open your links for fear of seeing an abused animal. These stories upset me so much that I always cry after reading. But then, comes the joyous part, which saves the day. Spike just looks so content and healthy now. God bless the new parents and the ASPCA. Glad to see my couple of cents every day helps.

Anne scott

Having taken 3 rescue. dogs over the years I can tell you you can see the love in their eyes every single day. Beautiful story and god bless ASPCA


God bless both of these gentlemen and ASPCA for rescuing this beautiful animal. He looks so happy now. What happens to the horrible uncaring, unfeeling people who are responsible for doing these unbelievable acts to these poor animals. Do most of them get procecuted ? I hope they all rot in hell !! Good for you Joe and Lou for getting this now lucky dog !!!