ASPCA Happy Tails: Cheeky Meekie

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 11:00am
Brown and white cat with blue eyes taking a nap

When Meekie arrived at the ASPCA, we knew we were in for a challenge. At seven years old, the 10-pound cat had been through a lot—purchased in a pet store and surrendered by her owners—and she had a few  behavioral problems to show for it. But we believed that the right person would come along, and sure enough, Kasia M. proved to be everything that this not-so-meek cat needed. Here is their Happy Tail.

A self-described “cat lady,” Kasia decided to adopt an animal soon after moving to New York City. She began her search online, which is where she first found Meekie. “Her photo and story jumped out at me from the ASPCA’s website,” recalls Kasia. “She’s a little older, a little crossed-eyed, and had been in the shelter for months.” Kasia made the trip to the ASPCA Adoption Center, where our Behavior Specialists brought her up to speed on Meekie’s issues. “I knew her behavior made her less likely to be adopted, but as someone who grew up with cats, I was up for the challenge.”

At home, acclimation was a slow process. “Meekie is a cat with her own distinct personality,” says Kasia. In fact, Kasia’s friends took to calling her “Meekie Minaj”—a reference to a certain pop star known for dramatic antics. But as time went on, Meekie began warming up to her new mom. “She started to play and run around more, allow petting, brushing, and a little bit of cuddling.”

Young woman hanging out with cat

In February, their family grew larger when Kasia got married. Her husband and his cat, Junior, moved in, and Kasia admits that it was a “tough few weeks” for the temperamental Meekie. She focused on keeping the cats active, and eventually they made peace.

It has now been over six months since the adoption, and Kasia reports, “Though Meekie is still a grouchy girl with strangers, I often wake up to find her purring, sleeping nose-to-nose with me, one little paw on my shoulder. I am totally in love.”

And we could not be more in love with their Happy Tail. Thank you, Kasia!

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