ASPCA Happy Tails: Call Me Maeby

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 1:45pm
Close up of orange kitten

When Kaylen and her girlfriend, Lu, decided to adopt a cat from the ASPCA, they knew exactly what they wanted. What they didn’t know, however, was that animal adoptions are not always so straightforward. Sometimes, you choose an animal, but more often than not, the animal chooses you. Here is the very Happy Tail of Kaylen, Lu, and a Tabby cat named Maeby.

“Before walking into the ASPCA,” recalls Kaylen, “Lu and I decided that we wanted a cat that was at least 2 years old. We also agreed that we didn’t want an orange cat.” Sure enough, their plans flew out the window the moment they saw Maeby. An 8-month-old orange kitten, Maeby was the exact opposite of what they were looking for. But the minute they saw her sweet face, they knew there was no other cat for them.

Maeby’s first few weeks at home were trying. She was timid and skittish—a remnant from her earlier life in a hoarding situation—but Kaylen and Lu’s patience and kindness soon brought Maeby out of her shell. Kaylen says, “She is now such a loving, outgoing cat, and she has everyone in our apartment (including our other cat, Rory) wrapped around her paw!”

“It has been a joy to have Maeby in our life and to see her grow more confident over time,” she adds. “We are so thankful to the ASPCA for helping us find the perfect addition to our family!”

Let’s let Maeby’s story serve as a reminder to us all: You can’t always plan for the animal that will steal your heart.

Have you adopted a pet? Email us your story at, and we might feature it on the blog!

Two snuggling kittens

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Kaylen and Lu, You have struck gold. The photo of Maeby (Call Me Maeby -- very funny) and Rory is gorgeous, soft and sweet. They obviously love each other -- and you! Thank you for adopting this precious cat and giving her such a loving, kind, patient, safe home.

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awwww... those cats look so happy... thank goodness for kind hearted people llike you both. :-)


I too went to our local humane society to find a playmate for our other young cat. I didn't want an orange cat either. But my husband said that he say this guy on an earlier visit and all his other orange siblings were adopted and he was all alone in his cage. That settled it, we took him home and named him Carter. He is very timid but very curious and very loving. While not a jumper, he loves to run and have someone...anyone run after him, even humans. How much enrichment animals give to us.


What a heartwarming "tail"! How fortunate for sweet Maeby to join your feline and human family. And how true it is, that we can't always plan for the animal who will steal our heart. So often, it seems our animal companions choose us. Best to you all.

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I, too, did not care for orange kitties, until I agreed to take on a six year old (sight unseen) named Biscuit. I found out that orange females are rare, that they are usually male. That made me appreciate her more. Unfortunately, she died a couple of years later from cancer. She was worth every penny I spent trying to save her.