ASPCA Happy Tails: Budding Love

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 1:45pm
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It’s no secret that people love kittens, so when Buddy came to the ASPCA at the age of 6 months, we assumed he’d be adopted right away. But Buddy is all personality—feisty and finicky—and his behavior just wasn’t clicking with potential adopters. Before we knew it, a year had gone by and he was still waiting for a home. Though we never imagined that Buddy would have such a long stay at our Adoption Center, it turns out that he was just waiting for the perfect people to come along. Those people were Neysa and her boyfriend, Bijan, who proved that in the end, all Buddy needed was a friend. Here is their Happy Tail.

“After my landlord agreed to let Bijan and I get a cat, we both began searching online,” recalls Neysa. The young couple browsed through the adoptable cats on separately, and without even consulting each other, both selected Buddy as the cat they would like to adopt. “I had very interactive cats in the past, and Bijan grew up with dogs, so we knew we wanted an animal that was outgoing.” From the moment they spotted Buddy’s face online, it was meant to be.

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At the ASPCA Adoption Center, Neysa and Bijan took a tour of every room and met all the adoptable cats, but Buddy remained on their mind the entire time. “No one stood out to us the way Buddy did,” says Neysa. “Though he was a little feisty, I knew he was the kind of quirky that would work well with us.” They adopted Buddy that day. “There was no way we couldn’t take him home,” she says.

True to character, Buddy’s transition into the home was trying. He scratched and bit often, and got upset when rubbed the wrong way. But Neysa and Bijan were patient: “Over time, we learned each other. Bijan and I realized that Buddy mainly acts out when he wants to tell us something—he’s hungry, he wants to play, he wants attention. Once we knew how to react, he stopped being so rough.”

After a bumpy few weeks, their hard work and kindness paid off. Buddy blossomed into an amazing cat, and Neysa tells us that he cuddles every night, watches TV with the couple, and is “the sweetest thing in the world.” She adds, “I think he’s very happy with us, and I know we love him.”

After a year in our Adoption Center, this frisky cat found his perfect people. As it turns out, Neysa and Bijan were exactly the “buddies” he was searching for. 

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Adopting pets should be something that all families and individuals can certainly do. And do so responsibly. By taking care of an innocent animal, who can be a great source of joy, companionship, and is therapeutic for people of all ages.

zen nurse

I also have taken cats into my heart and home that are less than your ideal little quiet ball of purrs. It is SO rewarding getting to know their little quirks and watching their personalities bloom. What a lovely story!


I to have a wonderful cat named Tara and she is the love of my life. I have always loved cats and dogs and will continue to love and have one or the other or both in my life. I am a retired USAF vet. I think that the ASPCA is doing a Excellent job. All the Best to you.

Linda R

All 3 of you are very lucky. What a nice handsome boy Buddy is. Our kitty is now 18 years old and she is a sweet, sweet girl. We were very lucky to have her and her 2 brothers and her Mom. She is the last of her kitty family, but we will continue to love and care for her as long as she lives.


they are so lucky them a home to sleep.


I, too, took in a cat from the Humane Society who was social at the place, but when we got home, he wanted nothing to do with people. We were very patient, and little by little, he became more friendly, and now, he is our lap cat, still full of personality, but he meows and throws a fit if he is not getting attention. What a difference in him. He is still quite feisty, but a lover as well. Sylvester is his name.


AWE, how cute


ya are they so cute!


Neysa and Bijan, Thank you for taking a chance on beautiful, soft Buddy. What a wonderful photo! Buddy looks so content to be with you. This is a home of love and safety and joy. Happiness all around for the 3 of you.


Neysa and Bijan - It appears you both were exactly what Buddy needed to be a very happy, contented cat. You had the patience and it paid off for all of you. Buddy is one lucky cat!