ASPCA Happy Tails: Blue’s Story

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 9:30am
ASPCA Happy Tails: Blue’s Story

When Vivian adopted Blue from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), she knew nothing of the horrors the nine-month-old pup had endured at the hands of dog fighters. One of 77 dogs rescued in a multi-state dog fighting raid in March 2013, Blue was chained to a stake in the ground, exposed and shivering in blizzard-like conditions, when the ASPCA rescued him. For today’s special video Happy Tail, we traveled to Tucson to catch up with Vivian and Blue.

Vivian W. grew up in New York with all kinds of pets: cats, birds, even rodents. But she never had a dog. When she moved to Arizona last year, she decided that pit bull adoption was at the top of her priority list. On her second day in Tucson, she adopted Blue.

“It was love at first sight,” says Vivian, recalling the moment she met Blue. After spotting his picture online, she was drawn to his striking blue eye (for which he is named), but knew nothing of his past. As she later came to learn, Blue was rescued by the ASPCA in a massive dog fighting raid. He was emaciated and weighed just 30 pounds when he first arrived at the shelter.

After his adoption, Blue settled in with Vivian quickly. He now devotes his time to the finer things in life: “He loves people, as well as car rides and his rope toy—that’s his favorite,” says Vivian. He is never far from her side, especially when she’s sleeping or cooking, and has even taken a liking to olives, which grow on the many trees that dot their property.

“He seems to have forgotten about everything that happened, which is more than we can really ask for,” she adds.

Blue’s happiness is a testament to his resilient spirit. In many ways, he represents the thousands of dogs who have been rescued from abuse and who refuse to be defined by their traumatic past. Blue never gave up, just as we will never give up our commitment to ending dog fighting. In fact, April 8 marked our first annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, a day created to spread knowledge and understanding of dog fighting and to encourage animal lovers to take action against this barbaric practice.

We believe that there will come a time when dog fighting is seen for what it really is: the shameful pastime of cowards. But until that day comes, we will continue to fight for the victims—for dogs like Blue—so that they never have to fight again.

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I love this story. He is so happy now.


I applaud anyone/any organization who saves these babies and any person who offers their love to them. This is a horrific crime that should be punishable to the most possible and if not enough than change the laws.....But until people like Michael Vick becomes no exception to stringent laws and until the public stops welcoming his kind "back" I have to there any chance of stopping it.....does anyone know what attempts are actually being done to stop it and punish it to the fullest extent and getting the laws changed so that anyone involved goes to prison. Too many people don't care... Vick should be an outcast and the the league and the fans welcomed him.back....probably too much money floating around...

Frieda C.

We have a rescue pit bull also. My daughter actually found her 9 years ago. When my daughter found her the vet estimated she was only 11 weeks old. But to our horror, she had a broken leg in two places and a home crop job on her ears left her with blood stumps for ears. The vet said sometimes the dog fighting rings use puppies to lure the dogs together and start the fight. So she was going to be thrown in a ring for two older dogs to fight over. After surgery, and a week at the vet, Miranda came home to be our loving companion. She was only 11 weeks old but was already potty trained without us even working with her. Somehow she knew that she had found a loving home and wanted to do nothing but please us. She has been the best dog these past nine years and continues to be a loving happy dog. She has welcomed three grandchildren with us now and loves to go for weekends at our cabin. We will always support the ASPCA and the wonderful work that they do. I am so happy you adopted Blue.


Vivian is indeed to be praised and thanked for rescuing Blue. What a sweetie! he is so lucky to find a caring person.

Am a bit disturbed by her equating the color of eyes with good/bad etc. I hope she didn't mean it as seriously as it sounded. That's the kind of thinking that we fight all the time -- cats are sneaky, people who aren't as attractive as others are losers, etc. A slippery slope.


Thanks Vivian. Many of us on this site have rescued an animal in need and know how gratifying it is to know we made a difference in their life....Blue looks so very happy and trusting......I wish you both the very best...he's so very handsome....and we think we are as lucky as them for they bring so much joy .....


Thank you for saving little Blue. Always bring tears to my eyes when people are so cruel to the helpless animal.


Thank you for taking good care of your beautiful baby Blue. I have been a member of ASPCA for as long as I can remember and it is so reassuring to know there are people like you and all the people who donate money and time to save these beautiful animals. Thank you and God Bless you.


I agree that animal abusers are terrible, but violence just creates a cycle of more violence. I think we should keep saving animals, and concentrate on their rehabilitation and adoptions, instead of injuring the morons that are abusing them. i don't completely disagree, mind you, but it wouldn't help.

barbara westerberg

I cried so hard that through this evil love emerged. God Bless you both.


both daughters have pits. one has 2, and the other has 1, and I immediately fell in love with them. they are so sweet and patient with children and each other. they are so grateful for being rescued and thank you every day. please, everyone, give Pits a chance.