ASPCA Happy Tail

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 10:45am

When Autumn Giles and her boyfriend visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City in search of a feline friend, they found a perfect match in a beautiful gray kitty named Christopher. They soon renamed him Butternut. Giles shared the following story with us:

My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a cat for a while, and it finally felt like the right time! Getting a cat via adoption was really the only option. As the woman who showed us around the Adoption Center observed, Christopher chose us!

Going into it, I thought I wanted to adopt a fluffy cat because I had very fond memories of a long-haired cat that I had as a kid. Christopher is not super-fluffy, but when we met him we knew almost right away that he was ours—and he was immediately so affectionate! He gave us head butts and licks within seconds of meeting us.

After bringing him home, we discovered Christopher had an allergic reaction to something in his food. The folks at the ASPCA were very helpful in getting him well again. In a strange way, having this experience with Christopher made me feel like he was even more of a match for our home because I can't eat gluten and am lactose intolerant, so he and I have special diets in common.

He's doing much better and getting increasingly comfortable in our apartment. I love waking up in the middle of the night to find him in the windowsill. I know he's just a cat, but it feels like he's watching out for us! We can't get over how much love he has to give. Even when he wasn't feeling well, he's was still so affectionate. We're so happy he's in our lives.

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Trish Cahalan

Love to hear that Butternut's story has such a happy ending. What is not as encouraging is the fact that the ASPCA does so little to promote the felines---it is like they are second class citizens. That's why I never donate money to the ASPCA or organizations that are 90% dog oriented. And do not misinterpret this---I very much love dogs as well. I just hate seeing cats being so neglected by organizations that are supposed to love them, too. It might be beneficial to the ASPCA, as well as cats, to be more supportive of their welfare.

rebecca ayres

So happy to see him in a forever home! He's an awesome cat, enjoy!


Four years ago,we were given our latest pet, a Jack Russell Terrier by our son who decided we needed a "purpose in life for our retirement years" and Daisy is just that purpose we needed.She was purchased from a friend of his who had a female and this one was the smallest of her litter. We absolutely adore her and she is the apple of our eye!I don't know how people can be cruel and uncaring when it comes to taking care of pets. hey add so much to our lives!


My baby, Sixx, is about 4 months old and looks exactly like this kitty. He and a couple of sibs were abandoned by their mother shortly after their eyes had opened at my neighbor's house. They didn't know anything about cats and when I got them, they were in bad shape. Of the three, Sixx is the only one who survived and he has become my rock. Shortly before getting these kitties, I'd found out I had breast cancer, and was trying to decide what to do, needless to say, sleepless nights. Having Sixx, getting up during the night to feed him, and the unconditional love he bestows on me every day, has made my road to recovery so much better. I do have other animals who have also been my constant companions, but he gave me a mission and he's now close to 5 months old and right there with me. And for the record, I had a double mastectomy, reconstruction and am completely cancer free.

Gale Apodaca

May you have many, many years of love with you new kitty/baby.


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