ASPCA Happy Tail: Two Peas in Pod

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 2:45pm
Cat sitting in tote bag

Sarah R.’s cat Willa, adopted from the ASPCA Adoption Center in May 2012, really enjoys New York City living. From Sarah’s apartment window, Willa can spend hours doing her favorite thing: pigeon-watching. Sarah and Willa love spending time together, and it’s clear they are two peas in a pod. Sarah shared the following story with us:

I got Sparkle, now named Willa, from the ASPCA on Mother's Day in May 2012. I saw her and immediately knew she was the right cat for me. I had placed her back in her enclosure and asked to view another cat, but Willa became incredibly jealous and was not having it. My friends, the staff and I laughed when Willa gave me a look that said, "Don’t even think about getting that other cat."

I went with my instincts to get the cat with the "sparkly eyes"—Mrs. Sparkle.  I brought a little red collar along with a bird toy and carrier with hearts colored in lime green, pink and purple along with me to the Adoption Center. Everyone knew she was going to a loving home. 

Willa was a handful at first, but she has been a purrrrre joy. There are plenty of windows in the apartment for Willa to watch the pigeons. Each night after I come home from work, I’ll pick her up, and we give each other kisses. I then ask her, "Did you catch a bird today Willa?" I bought her a bird toy that chirps when you move or shake it.

When she’s not birdwatching, Willa loves to climb to the highest of heights. When she’s on top of the cabinet, she likes to play peek-a-boo. She makes sure she has my full attention from above. It’s really quite cute. At the end of the day, we both have our meals and watch television shows. In the morning, Willa is my little alarm clock. Her technique is to wake me up by going for my feet from under the covers.

Willa is a spitfire and a sweet girl. Adopting her was the best decision I have ever made!