ASPCA Happy Tail: Three Dachshunds Make a Family

Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 11:45am
Black and white photo of man holding dachshund

The story of how Betsy M. came to be the guardian of three Dachshunds and the story of how she met her husband, Jamie, are intertwined. It all began in the early 1980s when Betsy decided to adopt two Dachshund puppies from a coworker. She named them Schatzie and Schmoozie. After one of the pups came over and rested his paw on her knee, she was easily persuaded to take not one, but two of the dogs home to her New York City apartment.

One day, while Betsy and her mother were walking along Second Avenue with Schatzie and Schmoozie, a man driving by stopped and said he had just seen a larger Dachshund at the ASPCA Adoption Center with the same coloring as the puppies and suggested Betsy go see her. After calling the ASPCA to inquire about the dog, Betsy scraped together all the money she had and set out to adopt her. She decided to keep her original name, Annie.

The first few days with Annie were rough. Betsy stayed home from work to monitor the introductions, and Annie got in spats with both Schatzie and Schmoozie. After a few days, Betsy had no choice but to return to work, and she feared what she might find when she returned home that evening. To her surprise, all three dogs were snuggled up together.

One evening soon after, Betsy was at a party when she met a British man named Jamie. After hearing about her furry friends, Jamie invited Betsy to tea at his apartment, and suggested she bring her dogs. She decided to take Annie along, and upon entering Jamie’s apartment, Annie made herself right at home on Jamie’s couch. Betsy and Jamie married a year later in 1983, and Betsy says she feels sure that Annie played a significant role in bringing the two together.

Decades have passed, and Betsy and Jamie are still together. Furry friends have come and gone from their lives since those first three Dachshunds, but Betsy is still thankful for Schatzie, Schmoozie and Annie. She says having the dogs changed her life.