ASPCA Happy Tail: A New Life for a City Dog

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 2:15pm

Ninja has come a long way. This sweet dog was one of 50 rescued by ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement agents last summer from a dog fighting ring in the Bronx. Ninja suffered in terrible conditions in the dingy, dark basement of an apartment building, rarely seeing the light of day. When we rescued her, she was extremely underweight and suffered from infections to her skin and paw. We got to her just in time, transporting her to a temporary facility to begin her recovery. 

Now Ninja is healthy and thriving with her adoptive pet parent, Samara Lynn, in Midtown Manhattan.

“I wanted a dog for some time,” Samara says. “I went to the ASPCA a few times and finally when I saw Ninja and her size and temperament, I knew she was perfect. I waited about two weeks to think about it. I finally thought, someone must have adopted her already, but when I went back, she was still available. We picked each other.”

Staff at the Adoption Center warned Samara that Ninja might be a bit skittish with all the traffic and noise of New York City. But over time, she has adjusted.

“We live in Midtown Manhattan and she loves walking and jogging with either me or my boyfriend,” Samara says. “She also really enjoys meeting all the new people and dogs out for walks.”

She is also a fast learner. After just a month, Samara taught Ninja to walk on a leash, heel, sit, stay, give paw and other tricks.

“She is very smart, sensitive, and very aware and is the only dog I have ever had that pays acute attention when another dog is on television,” Samara says.

We’re thrilled that this special and talented dog has a second chance at life in such a loving home.

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I'm so glad that she got a chance at life and she will LOVE u more and more each day GOD BLESS


Dog-fighting is such a cruel sport (if that's what you call it). It sickens me. I don't want to hate, but I do - I hate these people that do such awful things to make these dogs fight. I am happy to read about another happy ending. Their memories may never go away, but hopefully the love and affection from their new family may drown some of their nightmares and replace them with happy ones. God bless these dogs and the rescuers!


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I think that it is so sweet that you save animals lives everyday and that is why I want animal abuse should be stopped and people who hurt animals should be arrested.

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