ASPCA Happy Tail: A New Life for a City Dog

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 2:15pm

Ninja has come a long way. This sweet dog was one of 50 rescued by ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement agents last summer from a dog fighting ring in the Bronx. Ninja suffered in terrible conditions in the dingy, dark basement of an apartment building, rarely seeing the light of day. When we rescued her, she was extremely underweight and suffered from infections to her skin and paw. We got to her just in time, transporting her to a temporary facility to begin her recovery. 

Now Ninja is healthy and thriving with her adoptive pet parent, Samara Lynn, in Midtown Manhattan.

“I wanted a dog for some time,” Samara says. “I went to the ASPCA a few times and finally when I saw Ninja and her size and temperament, I knew she was perfect. I waited about two weeks to think about it. I finally thought, someone must have adopted her already, but when I went back, she was still available. We picked each other.”

Staff at the Adoption Center warned Samara that Ninja might be a bit skittish with all the traffic and noise of New York City. But over time, she has adjusted.

“We live in Midtown Manhattan and she loves walking and jogging with either me or my boyfriend,” Samara says. “She also really enjoys meeting all the new people and dogs out for walks.”

She is also a fast learner. After just a month, Samara taught Ninja to walk on a leash, heel, sit, stay, give paw and other tricks.

“She is very smart, sensitive, and very aware and is the only dog I have ever had that pays acute attention when another dog is on television,” Samara says.

We’re thrilled that this special and talented dog has a second chance at life in such a loving home.

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Alida du Praeez

Thank you Samara....please enjoy this stunning doggy Ninja!!!! God bless


Congrats on your new friend! It must be such a joy to wake up every day to Ninja. And props to you for going to ASPCA to find her.

Deb Padovano

God bless Samara for adopting Ninja and giving her a loving furever home. I firmly believe in "adopt don't shop". I am so happy this furry little baby was saved from such a terrible life. She is a true survivor.


This is awesome! Thanks so much Samara for taking care of Ninja :) We need more good people like you who are willing to take care of dogs that's been abused or neglected.


A wonderful story of a girl and her adopted friend Ninja ! Samara, you have a big heart and many years of lots of love, fun and friendship for the two of you !I think it was meant to be for the both of you!

Samara Lynn

I am thankful for the good work and kind souls at the ASPCA and for bringing my sweet Ninja in my life. Thank you again ASPCA and for the kind comments about our story--- from Samara and Ninja! :)

Connie Brown

Thank you so much for saving this sweet furbaby & the others from the dog fighting pits of pure hell! Thank you for giving Ninja & the others a second chance @ life & learning to know what real love is & human compassion & kindness!!! You are all angels....xoxoxo

michelle s

who could live in an apt. bldg. and not turn something like this into the police or aspca? it blows my mind...


Animal fighting is evil and disgusting. Civilized society should demand eradication of this depraved practice worlwide. It is legal and popular in many countries but we as citizens must demand better. Here in the USA we are just now coming around to trying to rid this scourge from society. Many seemingly "normal" people attend these fights, too. It is astounding. Thank God that Ninja was one of the lucky ones. We have to pressure our elected officials to get serious about this. I am pestering mine all the time. We can do this!

Lynne Jones

Samara, Ninja was waiting for you. I love it that you both have such a loving and great life together. May there be many years ahead for you together.