ASPCA Happy Tail: Milo and Mia

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 1:15pm

After losing her beloved cat, Cookie, Wilma Trani’s friends suggested she visit the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City. She shared the following story with us about her first trip to the Adoption Center, and her subsequent adoption of brother and sister kittens, Milo and Mia.

My love and obsession for cats started 20 years ago. I have cared for a total of five cats, and I adopted all of them from shelters—I never have any regrets.

We recently lost our most precious, spoiled and much-loved cat of ten years, Cookie, to a serious illness, leaving us with empty hearts and an empty home. We longed for the company of another cat, but wanted to look around.

My friends adopted their cat at the ASPCA Adoption Center about two years ago, and they had a positive experience and suggested we visit. So,on a beautiful day in April, my daughter and I decided to take our first trip to the ASPCA to "just look" at the cats—who were we kidding?

We walked into the building and saw content cats in a beautiful and stimulating environment and immediately knew we were not there to just look but to adopt.

After filling out the paperwork, a pleasant woman escorted us to a nice, clean room full of cats and, immediately, we saw two adorable three-month-old kittens—a brother and sister pair. It was love at first sight!

Two hours later and a phone call to my understanding and loving husband, we walked out with two cute additions to our family—Milo and Mia.

They are funny, adorable, mischievous, loving, naughty and spoiled. We love them to pieces, and they are adjusting well to their new home and family. Our hearts and home are no longer empty!

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They remind me of our kitties when they were kittens, Simba and Nala, brother and sister. They are adorable! The more you love them, the more they will love you back. Enjoy!

jane w

Such adorable kitties. I always thought I would only be a cat lover. Then I rescued a yorkie. She was going to be put down because she could not have puppies anymore. Now I am a dog and cat lover. She has made my life so much fuller.


I am so happy you adopted Milo and Mia together instead of separating them for life. That makes a big difference. I wish long and happy lives for them in their new home. Thanks for adopting them together. Hugs.

Cheryl Brooks

What a beautiful story. You sound like the perfect parents for them. Milo & Mia are so loved! Thanks for sharing their story with us. Purrific!!!


Thank you for not seperating the two kittens. About seven years ago my boyfriend and I went to a private home to look at kittens they had for free. My boyfriend said we would take the male, they had named the male Charlie and that was my boyfriends name. I looked at him and said "only one?" Then he said okay we would take them both. Frisky (female)and Snuggles (male) are two very happy healthy cats at 7 years. We have 7 other cats and they all get along but Snugs keeps an eye on his sister and won't let anyone pick on her, he is the only one allowed to. I had to take Frisky to the vet for dental work and Snugs got very upset when I put her in the stroller and tried to go out the door with her. He blocked the door, cried, yowled and tried to get in the stroller with her. He was very happy when I brought her back home. I believe that adopting littermates is very good practice.

Jan Lowe

What a beautiful story, how wonderful that you adopted both of the kittens as it would have been stressful to have left one behind. I am going through the stages of looking for a new little cat. My beautiful little Buddie passed away in February - we are still missing her terrible and feel it is too early to find a new kitten. She was with us for 16 years, one of our family. I know we will find another little cat as so many deserve to have a loving home. What a wonderful mun you are for Mia and Milo - it is so warming to read happy stories. All animals are gorgeous and need our protection.

Andrew W. Matheson

Sat., Sept 22nd, 20:45 Hrs. M.D.T.

In 2006 I Lost My Child of 18 Years Under Suspicious Cercumstances and Had to Have Him Put Down. I Was Just Devistated Over it All.
About a Year Later My Roomate Asked Out of the Clear Blue if I Wanted Another Cat. I Was Just Thrilled Because I Wasn't Sure if I Was Ready. After Looking Around I Took a Black/Charco Kitten a Few Weeks Old From the City Adoption Center and Named Him "Kitty".
He Got "Spooked" a Few Weeks After from Something and is Terrified of People. I Knew I"d Have a Challenge With Him but I Made the Efforts so I Spoiled Him Rotten With Food and Gave Him All the Loving and Affection I Could Find. Its Been Six Years Now but We Both Made It, and Yes We Have Come A Long Way. I Realize He Will Always be Scared of People but I Know I Made Great Progress When I Come Home at Night and the Meow, Meows and Its Straight for My Bedroom for His Tummy/Back Rub and Then Head for the Kitchen Table at Dinner Time for Treats. He Knows Who He Can Trust Me, Night Time is His Special Time Because Its His Sence of Security Because Its Eather Sleep Beside or on the Bed at Night and He Won't Go Anyplace Else. Kitty is My "Special Child" Its Been an Interesting Challenge in Cat Behavior Really, but I Will Always be There for Him and Best of All He Knows He Has a Parent - Me Who Will Give Him the Love and Affection He Wants. Its Been and Interesting Experience and I Love My Child Very Much.

Lance Young

Whether cats or dogs, if you can adopt 2 (or more), it's great to get siblings. Way to go!


I loved this story as I came across it by googling my dogs names...Milo and Mia!!
My Milo and Mia are 2 collie cross puppies who I got from my local animal shelter here in Northern Ireland. Great names for a brother and sister! :)

Linda Sundermeyer

I am a Guardian for ASPCA and you Rock for taking care of the animals. We are their voices and they need our help so badly. Please everyone give a little and yourself and you shall receive so much more...God Bless everyone, especially the animals, cats and dogs!!!!