ASPCA Happy Tail: Milo and Mia

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 1:15pm

After losing her beloved cat, Cookie, Wilma Trani’s friends suggested she visit the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City. She shared the following story with us about her first trip to the Adoption Center, and her subsequent adoption of brother and sister kittens, Milo and Mia.

My love and obsession for cats started 20 years ago. I have cared for a total of five cats, and I adopted all of them from shelters—I never have any regrets.

We recently lost our most precious, spoiled and much-loved cat of ten years, Cookie, to a serious illness, leaving us with empty hearts and an empty home. We longed for the company of another cat, but wanted to look around.

My friends adopted their cat at the ASPCA Adoption Center about two years ago, and they had a positive experience and suggested we visit. So,on a beautiful day in April, my daughter and I decided to take our first trip to the ASPCA to "just look" at the cats—who were we kidding?

We walked into the building and saw content cats in a beautiful and stimulating environment and immediately knew we were not there to just look but to adopt.

After filling out the paperwork, a pleasant woman escorted us to a nice, clean room full of cats and, immediately, we saw two adorable three-month-old kittens—a brother and sister pair. It was love at first sight!

Two hours later and a phone call to my understanding and loving husband, we walked out with two cute additions to our family—Milo and Mia.

They are funny, adorable, mischievous, loving, naughty and spoiled. We love them to pieces, and they are adjusting well to their new home and family. Our hearts and home are no longer empty!

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Dear Milo and Mia...
Even though I am a dog, I feel a kinship with ALL rescue animals! I was saved from a puppy mill years ago. I am so happy that youse guys got such a great home and great peoples! Keep the faith, my friends!
Yer Pal,
Reggie, the StalkerDog™


My husband and I adore cats and have four former shelter residents, all but one adopted when older. We can't imagine life without them. So very glad Milo and Mia found their forever home -- and it sounds like a great one.


Sounds like Milo and Mia hit the jackpot! Enjoy them.

Nancy Boyd

Great story.
I myself took in a mama kitty and 6 just days old babies to take care of until I could find them good homes. I only have 2 left and really my daughter is supposed to take one of them but my husband can't hardly bear to part with them. The girl looks a lot like these kittens and her brother is a beautiful almost solid gray that almost looks blue sometimes. They demand love and we're happy to oblige. They are truly spoiled. And they

Pat Mims

I have four rescue cats but not from shelters. I rescued them from a person who has no business having pets. I took in three kittens whobwere not weaned. I bottle fedvthem and they think I am their mother. I found a good home for one and kept the other two. A couple of months ago this same person asked me ton take a cat to the vet, he had been in a fight. I did and had him neutered and got his shots. She then told me she didn't want him back. I kept him also and he is so sweet and playful. Love all my rescued babies.

Mary Williams

Pat, you are a blessing to the animal community! Thanks for all you are and do ....


I also walked into a shelter after losing my precious 17-year old Oopie a year before. My friend frequently visited the shelter and thought she'd found the perfect cat for me. Although I didn't feel quite ready just yet to "betray" Oopie with another cat, I reluctantly agreed to meet this cat. Well, of course how could I just leave him behind and walk out, but as I was in the process of adopting him, the shelter worker looked at me accusingly and said "are you really going to separate him from his brother??" So out of guilt I agreed to take bro as well. Then just as I was almost out the door, they took me to a "secret" room where they have tiny kittens only weeks old, there were 10 or more piled in a big armchair. My heart melted....I had to have at least one! Two years later, Eensy, Beensy and Teensy are the best and closest of friends, and I often wonder "who saved who?" since I can't imagine coming home to a home without them. I think Oopie would understand.


Omg how cute!!!
Im also a cat lover, its so great to have people that love and take care of their pets.. Good Lucks with Milo and Mia...
Simply adorable:)


I hope that the cats enjoy their new home! I also hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend!

Anna H Petrov RD

Three years ago my neighbor acquired a "pregnant teenager." When her four kits were about 3 weeks old, my husband reminded me we did not have a tiger cat! One of these kits was completely striped -- purrfect. But becasue our older cats might slap him, I said he needed to have a brother his own age. So I picked up an all-black one. Color coordination, you know. Well, Marko [with stripes] and Zdravko [black] are beautiful, full-grown cats now -- and the other two went to a no-kill organization that finds homes for cats and kits. So from Marko and Zdravko -- welcome Mia and Milo -- may you be as happy as we are!