ASPCA Happy Tail: Lucy the Loquacious Kitty

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 9:30am
close up of tuxedo cat

In March 2013, Eriny Y. decided to drop by the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan to peruse the adoptable animals. That’s when she met a special black-and-white kitty named Hamper, since renamed Lucy, and the two became inseparable. She shared the following story with us:

When I first saw Lucy at the Adoption Center, I asked if I could meet her because I thought her lazy eyes were adorable. The moment her cage opened, she started licking my fingers and purring. I knew I had to have her. I was hooked! She came home with me, and with a bit of time, she began to trust me.

Eventually, she started to curl up in bed with me and fall asleep as I scratched her head. She now insists on sleeping with me every night! She also loves her kitty treats and her catnip toys.

Whenever I leave the room, Lucy meows until I come back. At the end of the day, when I come home from work, she meows as though she is telling me about her day.

I love sharing my home with my adorable companion, and she has enriched my life in so many ways. I'm so thankful I decided to take that trip to the ASPCA on the off chance I might find a new friend.

Lucy has adjusted very well, and she makes me so happy to come home every day. Thank you so much, ASPCA!

Cute black and white cat

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I love these "happy tail" tales. They counter-act all the sad and awful stories about abused animals. They remind me of how many truly wonderful people there are out there who adopt and love and cherish their animal companions. Lucie is beautiful and smart and she clearly adores her Erin with all her heart. How wonderful that she greets you when you come home and talks a blue streak. Congratulations to the two of you. Perfect match! Joy and peace always!


What a wonderful story! I too know the feeling of instant love. Lucy is a lucky girl to have you. Enjoy!! :)

Susan Schiavone

Love your story:) Thank you.. Mine is similar. I adopted a dsh bl female for a companion for my dsh bl male. It took me 3 shelters to find the right cat to rescue (wouldn't even THINK to buy a pet EVER). Coco Bean is just perfect for our family. The two cats follow each other everywhere and she keeps my older cat thoroughly entertained. They are so fun that I can't wait to get home from work to watch the antics. ADOPT DON'T SHOP!

Judith R

I was so uplifted when I read your story about Lucy! She is a beautiful cat and looks quite a bit like my cat Bandit, who was reunited with me a year after he disappeared. It is so great to hear she has found you and you have found her, and you enrich each others' lives!

Erica T.

Awwwww, this is such a beautiful story! Lucy is absolutely adorable!. She looks like a stuffed animal :) Lucy is lucky to have found such a wonderful home with someone who loves her so much. Thanks for sharing your story. And thank you for adopting!!

Caroline Thomas

Lucy reminds me of my own tuxedo kitty, Bruce - my daughter named him after Bruce Wain - who is also adopted. Lucy and Bruce have the same adorable white paws, but Bruce has more black in his face with fierce white whiskers sprouting from it. Bruce plays 'fetch' which is unusual for cats. Like Lucy meows conversationally and insists that I pay attention to him. I love him so much. All my family adores him. We put photos of him on Facebook. Yeahhh for tuxedos!!!


I also adopted a tuxedo from the shelter and he has brought so much joy into my life! One of the best things I've done in a long, long time!


What a beautiful story. A very happy ending for sweet Lucy!

Toni Settle

What a blessed cat and wonderful story.


In memory of Hi-Ho a black and white cat who shared our families life for 17 years. We brought her home from a shelter when our daughter was 8 months and Hi-Ho was also 8 months. He slept by the fireplace while I nursed her, slept by her feet on a blanket and never moved 'til she woke up. Hi-Ho loved to sit on my lap when I was pregnant with #2. He playful chased his movements with soft paws. Did the same with # 3. Each one, he slept at the foot of their beds, alternating through the night, saving the youngest to last. Again waited until he woke up. If a child had a fever, he wouldn't sleep but sat up on the bed which told me to feel the child's head. He loved to watch them bathe, sitting on the edge of the tub to bat the float toys (fell in once. Didn't like it). When he died at 17 yrs, we buried him in he backyard. We placed a real granite tomb stone which the children selected with "Hi-Hi beloved friend". I miss him so very much after all these years.