ASPCA Happy Tail: A Furry New Roommate

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 12:45pm

When Alex Borghi was a bit tired of living solo in his apartment, he decided to find a four-legged roommate. But he didn’t want just any roommate. So Borghi met each of the dogs at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, trying to find the perfect pooch with whom to share his home. He didn’t find a match at first, but after he saw Brad on the ASPCA website, he decided to go back to the Adoption Center to meet him.

Borghi decided that Brad, a beautiful tan-and-white pit bull terrier mix, was the best candidate for the job. He tells us Brad is adjusting very well to his forever home, and that he stays by his pet parent’s side at all times. It’s safe to say that these two are thrilled to share the apartment.

Plus, in addition to roommate and sidekick, Brad has another new role: He poses for lots of photos for his photographer dad. In just a few weeks, Borghi has taken plenty of adorable pictures of Brad, and this furry model seems to love posing for the camera!

Have you adopted a cat or dog from the ASPCA? Send us photos at [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the blog.

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Alex - thank you for adopting a pittie! Thank you for understanding how absolutely wonderful this breed is. I have 3 here right now - one is "mine", and the other two are fosters looking for their forever home. I hope they meet THEIR Alex!

Stacey Miles

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Brad for adopting a Pitbull mix. I adopted a pitbull mix last year and she is the best dog I have ever owned in my life. I have two cats and they all get along purfectly! Congrats and thanks for a positive story for pitties!



Carol Todd

Thank you for adopting this wonderful, smart dog. Even pit bull mixes have a bad image, although wrong, in Colorado. They are totally banned in Denver. Thanksgiving weekend, 2 cars of police and the city animal person tapped danced out in front of an open garage door wondering what to do about a female B&W pit bull mix who was sitting by her bed in the garage. They tased her twice, whereby she tried to run out the door, but looped her on a catch pole, and then while she was struggling, a very BRAVE policeman shot her 5 times. All caught on a video across the street. Can be viewed on Denver Channel 9. Her crime? She had pushed the button and opened the garage door herself, walked up the street and barked a couple of times. Her caretaker was out shopping. Makes you so sick. All these idiots had to do was push the button, like the dog did, and close the garage door. Thanks again for recognizing what a smart dog you chose!

Anna C.

Thank you for giving this little angel a better life!


my god what a cutie congrats on your new freindship i hope its a long one!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Oliver

Congratulations you two!

Jane Gregor

Brad, you are an angel for adopting this great misunderstood breed. I have 2 pit mixes and have grown to love the breed. Wish more people would take a chance on them. They don't know the love and loyality they are missing out on. It makes me so sad to read what happened in Denver, they legalize pot and shoot innocent dogs. Sounds like a not so great place to live.

Darcie Boelter

As a homeowner in DenverI cant have another Pit. They are wonderfuldogs loving, loyal &hey actually have a sense of humor ( typical Terrier) MayBrad be healthy& longlived. Cograts.


alex..glad to hear you adopted a pittie....they are great dogs...people must realize that these dogs are victums themselves....PEOPLE MAKE THEM dog is born that way.....hope all your pictures show just how gentle they really are.....