ASPCA Happy Tail: Frannie the Photographer Dog

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 2:00pm
Black and tan dog wearing red collar sitting on kitchen floor

When Joey J., a photographer, went with his family on a tour of the ASPCA Adoption Center, he had no idea they’d be bringing home a furry new addition. He shared the following story with us about adopting Frannie, his loyal canine companion and photographer’s assistant:

We lost our beloved Boxer, Riley, in June. I was devastated and did not feel ready for another dog. I was getting used to not having a 24-hour companion with me at our home and at my photography studio. While visiting our friend Lisa, who works for the ASPCA, my son asked if we could go take a tour of the Adoption Center. As we were there learning about all the wonderful animals and the amazing work the staff and volunteers do, Frannie came running up with a toy and melted my wife's heart. We then had a chance to meet her, and we all fell in love. Frannie found us, adopted us and we are living happily ever after.

The adoption process was wonderful. We were screened as a family to make sure we were the right fit for Frannie, which we believe is very important. We spoke with volunteers who knew Frannie well, as well as with trainers who worked with her on specific behaviors and obedience. We were given a very thorough packet of information regarding her health and training records, along with a wealth of information on care and training. We had never adopted before, and after touring the Adoption Center and learning more about the ASPCA, we recommend it to everyone.

She is a perfect family member. She loves to play hockey and football, and loves to dig up treats we hide for her in the yard. She is with me all day and works as a greeter and professional photo bomber in my studio. Everyone loves her. She’s a big girl, but we find room in bed with us or with our son. We love it—and Frannie is way better than a blanket.

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Congratulations on being the lucky family that Frannie chose to share her life! We didn't have the chance to adopt any of our 4 felines from a shelter--all of them literally ended up at our door. I think we have a "Suckers Live Here" sign in our yard that only cats can see, LOL, and I am very, very glad for it.


You aren't the only one. I think cats have a system like hobos used to have where there are secret markings. I'm grateful for those beloved kitties who have found their way to my door. One thing about cats: you don't pick them - they pick you!

Naila M Sanchez

I just love you for the good hearts you have!! Thank you for taking in these kitties.... how blessed are they.... and you!!!


Rotties are the sweetest most loving dogs on the planet. Glad you are so happy for giving Frannie a loving home

Francy R.

God bless you and yours. Let us pray that many more people do the right thing and help these precious animals have a fear free and happy life!

Pat Weinstein

I celebrate your love of Frannie. The world needs more families like yours.
Thank you for providing her with your unconditional love and a truly great home. She will reward you one thousand times with devotion, love, and the great joy she will provide. The greatest gift in life is LOVE.


What a lovely and heartwarming story!
When I was growing up we had a menagerie......dogs ,cats, ducks ,chickens ,hamsters lizards ,ant farms.
We always got our cats and dogs at he local animal shelter.
They never failed to be loyal and loving ,especially with my mentally retarded sister.
It's stories like this that give me hope for mankind in this troubled world we now live in.

Naila M Sanchez

Right on!!! What a beautiful life for all of you!! God bless and keep you... thank you so much for adopting Frannie!! (Or, did she adopt you!!!)


Lovely story I wish all dogs had a happy ending like this one.


Frannie looks like she is smiling and happy to have her forever home... Bless you for adopting her and making her a part of your family!!!!