ASPCA Happy Tail: Frannie the Photographer Dog

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 2:00pm
Black and tan dog wearing red collar sitting on kitchen floor

When Joey J., a photographer, went with his family on a tour of the ASPCA Adoption Center, he had no idea they’d be bringing home a furry new addition. He shared the following story with us about adopting Frannie, his loyal canine companion and photographer’s assistant:

We lost our beloved Boxer, Riley, in June. I was devastated and did not feel ready for another dog. I was getting used to not having a 24-hour companion with me at our home and at my photography studio. While visiting our friend Lisa, who works for the ASPCA, my son asked if we could go take a tour of the Adoption Center. As we were there learning about all the wonderful animals and the amazing work the staff and volunteers do, Frannie came running up with a toy and melted my wife's heart. We then had a chance to meet her, and we all fell in love. Frannie found us, adopted us and we are living happily ever after.

The adoption process was wonderful. We were screened as a family to make sure we were the right fit for Frannie, which we believe is very important. We spoke with volunteers who knew Frannie well, as well as with trainers who worked with her on specific behaviors and obedience. We were given a very thorough packet of information regarding her health and training records, along with a wealth of information on care and training. We had never adopted before, and after touring the Adoption Center and learning more about the ASPCA, we recommend it to everyone.

She is a perfect family member. She loves to play hockey and football, and loves to dig up treats we hide for her in the yard. She is with me all day and works as a greeter and professional photo bomber in my studio. Everyone loves her. She’s a big girl, but we find room in bed with us or with our son. We love it—and Frannie is way better than a blanket.

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I'm so happy that beautiful, spirited, sweet Frannie came into your lives to spread and share joy. I wish you all the greatest happiness together.

William W Haywood

I just love these stories of happiness and love. It makes me value my relationship with my noodle dog, my best friend and companion, who is a wolf hybrid What a beautiful feeling it must be to know you are helping so many wonderful animals.


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I remember meeting Frannie when she was at the shelter. Very happy to hear she's got a great family who loves her.


Thank you for adopting this sweet girl! Adopters from ASPCA rule!


Wonderful rescue story filled with love.


Praise God for this wonderful happening. I am very happy for your family!

John Rowan

Reading all these adoption stories, and having adopted several cats (still have one crazy feline w/me) and an absolutely wonderful beagle/hound mix with just a touch of boxer & pittie, named Riley as well, but a female, I'm astounded that people still rely on petshops and breeders for their companions...there's no better pet than a shelter pet as I"ve learned over the years...and best wishes to you and your new BFF...


I am very happy for you and your family. God blessed you and her stories like yours are so special of course they make me cry!!!!!!


way to go. good story. so happy for all.