ASPCA Happy Tail: Curly Sue’s New Crew

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 2:45pm
ASPCA Happy Tail: Curly Sue’s New Crew

When Marlene M. took on her first ASPCA foster dog, a white ball of fluff named Curly Sue, she didn’t know that Curly Sue would soon become a “foster failure.”

“I was fostering her for about three months and of course, she grew on me, as well as my cats—they all got along so well,” Marlene says. “Her personality started to come out, she became less shy and started asserting herself with the other animals.”

When it came time to part with Curly Sue so that she could be made available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, Marlene says she felt very protective of her, and wanted to make sure Curly Sue found an excellent adopter. It didn’t take long for Marlene to decide the perfect place for Curly Sue was in her own home.

Marlene says the adoption process was easy because of her familiarity with Curly Sue’s history, experience caring for her, and first-hand knowledge of her personality quirks. Curly Sue couldn’t be happier with her new family.

“She sticks by my side wherever I go,” Marlene says. “She and the cats get along well; the cats are bigger than she is, but she keeps them in their place if they try to run over her! I recently took her on a road trip to Michigan, a 13-hour drive, and she had a blast exploring new territory.”

We’re thrilled that Curly Sue’s foster placement turned into a wonderful forever home. If you live in New York City and think you might be a good fit for a foster animal, please read more about the ASPCA foster program.