ASPCA Happy Tail: Crossing the Pond for Keenu

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 2:00pm
Fluffy brown and white cat

At the ASPCA, we love when adopters tell us that “it was meant to be.”  Whether or not fate is truly involved in animal adoption, it’s so comforting to know that our dogs and cats are so perfectly matched to their new homes—and it inspires us to keep doing what we do. So when we heard the story of Lucy and her new cat, Keenu, we just had to share it. Here is their Happy Tail.

Lucy recently moved to New York from the UK. Having grown up with cats, she thought a furry friend would be the perfect addition to her new home in the Big Apple. But after visiting a number of adoption centers, she was struggling to find the right pet.

Lucy’s boyfriend, who was still in the UK at the time, offered to help by searching for cats online. That’s when he saw Keenu. “He said he loved her and she was perfect,” recalls Lucy. “I wasn’t so convinced and said, ‘Oh, I’m not sure, I don’t think she’s the one.” But later that same night, Lucy left her apartment to run an errand and spotted a sign. “I saw a flyer that said the ASPCA Mobile Adoption Van would be in the neighborhood that weekend, so I thought I would pop along to see if there were any potential cats.”

True to her plan, she visited the adoption vehicle that weekend. “As soon as I walked into the van, I spotted the most beautiful cat with huge green eyes,” says Lucy. “I put my hand out and she started licking me and rubbing her head against my hands—it was honestly love at first sight.” Then came the revelation: “I read her name: Keenu, the one my boyfriend had seen online! What are the odds? I actually could not believe it,” she laughs.

Keenu, a three-year-old Siberian mix, had been surrendered to the ASPCA by her previous owner due to financial issues. She seemed eager to settle into a new home, and Lucy decided then and then and there that that new home would be hers. “Keenu is by far the most charming cat I have ever met,” she tells us. “At first she was quiet, but now she’s quite chatty and makes this cute little chirp-meow in the morning when she’s seen that I have woken up.”

Lucy now fully agrees that she and Keenu are the perfect match. “Baby Keens, KiKi, Keenypie, Keenypaws…My family say I’m obsessed with her and I quite literally am! When I pick her up, she purrs and purrs.”

Looking back, Lucy admits, “It was fate that Keenu was on the van that day,” and we couldn’t agree more. We hope that their story serves as a reminder to all readers that your very own “Happy Tail” may be nearby, even when you least expect it!

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I absolutely love this "happy tail." Look at the wonderful photo of gorgeous, soulful, sweet Keenu and her darling Lucy. How serenely Keenu rests his elegant paws on Lucy's shoulder. These two beautiful beings, Kiki and Lucy, were definitely meant to be together. You can just feel their deep love for each other. Thank you to the ASPCA Mobile Adoption Unit for making this perfect adoption possible.


Oops, typo. Sorry, pretty Kiki. I should have written, " . . . Keenu rests HER elegant paws on Lucy's shoulder." Of course, anyone can see that you are a gorgeous little girl.


Keenu is a beautiful cat and you can tell she is a lover. I have 3 cats of my own Stormy he is 16, Princess she is 2 and my baby Bandit is 4 months they are so comforting to be with all the time. I just don't understand how people can be so mean to animals. I am one that loves any animal because they are just like your children. ASPCA does a wonderful job rescuing animals and getting them a HOME.



David A. Hereaux

It's easy to choose. Take the one least likely to be adopted from a kill shelter.




Beautiful cat. Enjoy each other.


I would agree that it is hard to choose since I want them all! I spend a lot of time at the shelter though and once I spend more than 5 minutes with any animal I get so attached.
I understand the perfect match though. Once in awhile there is just that one dog or cat who you click with. Usually for me it's ones who remind me of my old dog, I can see him in their faces and just fall in love instantly.
So happy for Lucy and Keenu, what a perfect pair!


I have a Siberian/Ragdoll mix named Phoenix. He makes that same chirping noise like Keenu. So happy you found each other. Have a wonderful life.


I'm so happy for them. I've been so unlucky lately. Two cats in several months with health issues and no cat now. It's devastating to have one go, adopt again and then another go. I keep being told I am so unlucky with the cats. I had one that I loved for 10 years that I lost to disease, and was so ready after 4 years to begin again. And then such bad luck. I hope she has many years with this beautiful cat. They seem so well matched.