ASPCA Happy Tail: A Clever Canine

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 12:30pm
Tan and white dog wearing red collar

In late March, Kelley D. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan in search of the perfect canine companion. There, she met Amber, a dog who initially showed a cautious interest in Kelley, but has since become a full-fledged family member. Kelley shared the following story with us.

We were looking for a dog that would match our lives well—one who could be an only dog, comfortable with anyone and everyone, not too small and not too large. We were also looking for a dog who was ready to live in a New York City apartment. 

Amber was one of the dogs in the Adoption Center who showed an interest in us—she cautiously approached her door when we stood in front of her kennel.

It was our first time in the Adoption Center, and our first time adopting from the ASPCA. It was great! The Adoption Center is so busy, so we were so pleased we had as much time as we did speaking to different staff members. We didn't feel rushed or like we needed to make a decision right there. When we did make a decision, the staff was supportive and gave us a ton of info to take home with us. The package we got was great! 

Amber has made huge strides since coming home! When we first adopted her, she was scared of pretty much everything and everyone. Now she is incredibly friendly, actively plays with all kinds of other dogs and is not jumpy at all. She is also quite clever and is learning tricks and obedience lessons quickly. We are getting her settled and confident in her new life. 

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tan and white dog wearing red collar laying on floor