ASPCA Equine Fund Helps Homeless Horses!

Monday, July 9, 2012 - 9:45am

Guest blog by Jacque Schultz, Senior Director, ASPCA Equine Fund.

Do you care about homeless horses? We do, too! And we also care about those groups who give their all to help equines get a second chance—whether at a sanctuary or through adoption. 

The ASPCA Equine Fund provides generous grants to groups that care for rescued horses, mules, donkeys and ponies—both wild and domestic. We also offer a series of day-long workshops aimed at helping these rescue groups with fundraising, board development and assisting law enforcement with large-scale cruelty seizures.

Do you know any equine sanctuaries that could use our support? Ask them to keep up-to-date on workshops, webinars, grant opportunities and more by subscribing to ASPCA Hoof Beat by emailing [email protected]. And remember to support your local horse rescue! 

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Carol Stephens

Laurie has worked for years to save horses that would be sent for meat with little to no help other than family, at this time she took in a horse that needs surgery on his leg and is trying to raise the funds and took into two horses that the owner could not take care of..I am hoping you can help her out with finding funds for the surgery and feed for the other negelted horses she has...


Charleston. SC has exotic birds included in their ASPCA and they have had it in place for a while now. I am aware that there is an endless need for private Parrot Rescue Shelters as I have worked for one of the best. Our State should be providing this care for our Exotics!
It is my dream to see this SC Parrot Sanctuary governmentally funded, professionally run, and a safe haven for our birds to fruition. If it can be done in the Lowcountry it can be done here in the Midlands AND I'm mean enough, educated enough, smart enough and love all birds deeply enough to be successful at it....SO I accept the job.
.......not kidding!
Vivian Leese