ASPCA Dogs Attend Stella McCartney Fashion Show

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 3:00pm
ASPCA Dogs Attend Stella McCartney Fashion Show

Last night, a few of our adoptables hit the red carpet to rub paws with fashion’s elite during the premiere of the Stella McCartney #Spring14 presentation in New York City.

Harold, Scooby and Daisy were all ready for their close ups, strutting their stuff with their best “blue steel” looks. Guests couldn’t help but stop by to give these chic canines some love and pose for a quick photo op.

In the end, Harold, Scooby and Daisy all decided to stick to lounging and tasty treats, rather than pursuing full-time modeling careers, but we’re sure they would take the fashion world by storm.

Thank you Stella McCartney for hosting us!

If you would like to adopt Harold, Scooby or Daisy, or meet some of our other adoptables, please stop by our Adoption Center.

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