ASPCA Dog Fighting Exhibit Opens at D.C.’s Crime Museum

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 3:30pm
ASPCA dog fighting exhibit

We’re proud to be partnering with one of the most exciting and innovative museums in our nation’s capital—the Crime Museum—to present the new exhibit “Dog Fighting: The Voiceless Victims.” This temporary exhibit offers an inside look at the tools dog fighters use to raise, train, fight and kill dogs who are victims of this blood sport.

The exhibit features artifacts and evidence seized by the ASPCA during dog fighting raids, including the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history, carried out in 2009. The exhibit also demonstrates how ASPCA veterinary forensic experts combine state-of-the-art forensic sciences with veterinary medicine to discover how animals may have suffered or died.

“We want the public to see that dogs used in dog fighting are the victims of the crime, not instruments of the crime,” says Dr. Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Forensic Sciences and Anti-Cruelty Projects. “We want people to realize the brutality of dog fighting and see that it’s the greatest violation of the human-animal bond.”

“Dog Fighting: The Voiceless Victims” is on display in the Crime Museum through Labor Day. For more information, visit

Dr. Randall Lockwood

The ASPCA's Dr. Randall Lockwood helped curate the Crime Museum's dog fighting exhibit.