The ASPCA Commits $25 Million to Help Los Angeles’ Animals

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 2:00pm
LA Spay/Neuter Clinic opening ceremony

We’re excited to announce today that the ASPCA has dedicated $25 million to assist animals in need in Los Angeles, California in a multi-year effort. Like many communities, Los Angeles faces immense challenges related to homeless animals—roughly half of the animals that enter L.A. area shelters do not find homes. We plan to build on the strong foundation created by Los Angeles’ animal welfare community, working closely with local groups to provide critical services to save lives and help keep families and their pets together.

The ASPCA’s efforts in L.A. will include five key programs:

  • Spay/neuter: The ASPCA will operate a spay/neuter facility for animals owned by South L.A. residents, as well as animals sheltered at the South Los Angeles Animal Care Center–Chesterfield Square facility. Procedures performed at the facility will be fully subsidized.
  • Subsidies for local rescue groups: We’ll provide funding to subsidize fees incurred by local rescue groups when transferring animals from the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City shelter system into their facilities or networks.
  • Animal relocation: The ASPCA will kick start a relocation program to move animals from L.A. metropolitan area shelters to communities where they’ll have better chances of being adopted.
  • Safety net programs: These programs are designed to keep animals in their homes by addressing the needs of pet parents with scarce resources and limited access to critical services.
  • ASPCA grant funding: We’ll provide funding annually to local partners for intervention programs, spay/neuter programs and medical care for animals in low income areas.

In addition to Los Angeles City Animal Services and Los Angeles County Animal Control, the ASPCA is collaborating with Best Friends Animal Society in support of their No-Kill Los Angeles initiative and local animal welfare organizations including Downtown Dog Rescue, The Amanda Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Found Animals Foundation, Bark Avenue and others.

We’re looking forward to this exciting new venture on the West Coast, and we can’t wait to help countless animals in need in the L.A. area.



Helen Darvall

Rescuers in Los Angeles fought long and hard, and finally succeeded in having a spay/neuter law enacted. Brenda Barnette, GM of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) REFUSES TO ENFORCE THE LAW! Nothing can change while this incompetent, P.R.-seeking breeder flouts the law. Los Angeles is now a Third World for animals.

Pat Lukes Woodl...

A really great place to start is to start enforcing laws. spay and neuter laws, animal abuse laws and take no prisoners. Even if you have to confiscate a pet because it has not been spayed or neutered, you have just saved future litters.

I want so badly to be part of this new program, but let's make sure we don't let certain ethnicities get away with not obeying laws. There's a really large disconnect in certain areas of the city. anything you think might be abuse of an animal.

Marc Meshekow

would love to see Ken Jones Animal Hospital come on board. It is one of the few remaining Westside animal care establishments that hasn't been overcome with greed.

Helen Darvall

God bless Dr. Ken Jones... but if he is not on board the P.R. train and can promote the political aspirations of Brenda Barnette... In other words, it is NOT about the animals. Willing, low-income residents of South Los Angeles and their pets will be helped, but nothing will really change until the spay/neuter laws are enforced and the hundreds of illegal BYBs (Back Yard Breeders) are shut down. And Brenda Barnette, herself a breeder, will not do that. Wake up, people, this is not about the animals. They are merely the pawn here, a reason for cameras and pats on the back. In the trenches, nothing changes...

Hounds From The Hood

As a rescuer of dogs (primarily Pitbulls) from the streets of South L.A., I see first hand that ASPCA's involvement is desperately needed. The problems of South L.A. include dogs tethered 24/7 (no enforcement of the anti-tether law), macho attitudes against neutering ("how would you like to get your balls cut off?") and extensive breeding of pitbulls. The female pitbull's teeth are pulled out to make it "easier" for the male to mount her, then after a few litters she is cast out onto the streets where I pick them up. Just take a stroll down one of the blocks and you will see violation after violation, yes, like others have commented, like a 3rd world country. We need a strong voice for enforcement of laws already in place and to educate the children of the community - the best listeners.

Donna Collins

This is wonderful news! I Voluntarily try to help network the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Area Dogs that are on the euthanasia list to get them into local Rescues, Fosters,And Vet Care, Some Have to be transported out of state to even have a chance. The other issue is affording Vet care, many people cannot afford this, I know personally since my dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, I have fallen behind on all my bills, and have had to borrow money from everyone just to keep her treatments going. I Know that once a dog is put into our Shelter System, A lot of people cant afford to get them out! Hoping these services become available in a local level so that all the strays,and homeless pups get help!

Martha Ramirez

Thank you for helping the animal population of my old home town, Los Angeles. I now live in Silver City, NM and belong to a group of people who are trying to eliminate the tethering of dogs in our county. So many of our dog population in this county spend their lives tied to a tree and left to lives of misery. Your help would be so much appreciated. Please contact me on Facebook if you can help.


this is a good thing, but 1 question*** does this mean you will still be killing all these dogs because they can't get a home quick? Why operate if you are going to kill them any way ? New rules need to go in to place...these animals need time to find homes.

Helen Darvall

Bingo, Daryl! The influx of extra dogs from the streets will be impounded and the cream of the crop will be snatched up by Best Friends who have a sweetheart deal with LAAS, and will be sold through the supposed NKLA (No-Kill L.A.) a PR program that sells dogs and often pretty much gives them away at the fancy new adoption mall. The rest... real rescuers will scramble to rescue as many as we can, but half will be killed by the city. No real change can occur because Brenda Barnette - who is herself a breeder who is on the record saying that mandatory spay/neuter is unfair to breeders - flouts the law and is herself breaking the law by refusing to close down the thousands of illegal back yard breeders and enforce the law that we rescuers fought so long and hard to have enacted. This latest program with the ASPCA is just another way to throw a huge amount of $$$ at a problem without addressing the root cause. Los Angeles is now a Third World for the animals.

S. Martinez

How do we get ASPCA to get into the Central Valley of California. Delano, Shafter, McFarland, Wasco. Dog Fighting and animal abuse happen in "plain sight" here. Dogs are used for target practice! HOw do we get local and community support for Spay/Neuter programs and abuse education programs happening here!