The ASPCA Commits $25 Million to Help Los Angeles’ Animals

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 2:00pm
LA Spay/Neuter Clinic opening ceremony

We’re excited to announce today that the ASPCA has dedicated $25 million to assist animals in need in Los Angeles, California in a multi-year effort. Like many communities, Los Angeles faces immense challenges related to homeless animals—roughly half of the animals that enter L.A. area shelters do not find homes. We plan to build on the strong foundation created by Los Angeles’ animal welfare community, working closely with local groups to provide critical services to save lives and help keep families and their pets together.

The ASPCA’s efforts in L.A. will include five key programs:

  • Spay/neuter: The ASPCA will operate a spay/neuter facility for animals owned by South L.A. residents, as well as animals sheltered at the South Los Angeles Animal Care Center–Chesterfield Square facility. Procedures performed at the facility will be fully subsidized.
  • Subsidies for local rescue groups: We’ll provide funding to subsidize fees incurred by local rescue groups when transferring animals from the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City shelter system into their facilities or networks.
  • Animal relocation: The ASPCA will kick start a relocation program to move animals from L.A. metropolitan area shelters to communities where they’ll have better chances of being adopted.
  • Safety net programs: These programs are designed to keep animals in their homes by addressing the needs of pet parents with scarce resources and limited access to critical services.
  • ASPCA grant funding: We’ll provide funding annually to local partners for intervention programs, spay/neuter programs and medical care for animals in low income areas.

In addition to Los Angeles City Animal Services and Los Angeles County Animal Control, the ASPCA is collaborating with Best Friends Animal Society in support of their No-Kill Los Angeles initiative and local animal welfare organizations including Downtown Dog Rescue, The Amanda Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Found Animals Foundation, Bark Avenue and others.

We’re looking forward to this exciting new venture on the West Coast, and we can’t wait to help countless animals in need in the L.A. area.




We need to address laws requiring landlords allow pets in apartments.. at least a portion of every building. So many apartments won't take pets in LA, or they only take tiny breeds.



Bonnie Adele

I live on the East Coast and it is just as bad here in certain sections such as NYC, Phila, Baltimore and the towns and cities of the Southeast and Midwest. I rescue, foster, network, donate, transport and try to educate. However, the biggest problem besides the breeding, which must STOP, PERIOD FOR A SET TIME PERIOD !! NO MORE BACKYARD BREEDERS, AND CERTAINLY NO MORE MASS PRODUCTION PUPPY MILLS. Laws must be enacted and also enforced to stop this. When breeding is allowed again it should only be by breeders who go to school and get a license. But the next largest problem is the ignorance and apathy of many of the general public. Most really just don't care. They would rather stick their heads in the sand and watch reality TV or spend money on sports, cigarettes and liquor than spend it on the animals who need it most. And if they have a pet, they don't see it as a living, breathing, sentinent being but rather a disposable object. People have been allowed over and over to abandon, neglect and abuse these precious souls with hardly any repercussions. It is time to get very tough with ANYONE who does these things. Jail time and large fines should be mandatory and also never allowing them to own a pet again. I am glad the SPCA is going to do this in LA with free, subsidized spay and neuter but they should also tell the government to stop all breeding until all the shelter animals are taken care of and 501c3 rescues run the shelters, NOT local governments. Get all strays safe and PROSECUTE TO THE MAX those that are cruel, neglectful and irresponsible. It is the only way.

susan s

please look at Lancaster, the facility there is staffed by uncaring people who said to me one day when I asked to hold a dog till the next day because I had forgotten my ID "he'll be put down tonight, we put down 50 dogs a day, do you think one more makes a difference to me?" this was about a dog I wanted! Most of the staff has no business working there and if they are putting down that many dogs someone needs to put in a free spay/neuter service. I know when we called about that service we were quoted $300 everywhere and people out there simply can't afford it so they don't do it. thank you

Jennifer McBride

I am so happy to read of the help the ASPCA will give to the thousands of homeless animals in the LA area. By offering spay and neutering services to animals in the most need it will help the unwanted pet population and help lead to a better outcome for all of our furry friends! BRAVA!!!

P.K. Lindauer

I had just arrived in LA (from Santa Rosa up North) and stopped in the CVS pharmacy on Century Blvd. to get directions to highway. A kitten darted across the parking lot out on to the street and then turned back into the bushes. An elderly couple that just parked said they could hear another kitten in the bushes where the first kitten ran. Long story short besides one man and the couple, NO ONE wanted to help. Got two boxes from pharmacy, went back out and attempted the rescue. That was hard as we almost lost one who the man dropped and she took off running to the motel next door. Not sure why I felt I needed to do what ever it took to rescue them but I did. They were malnourished, eye name it. The attitude from so many people was "leave them alone, they are all over the place." For the next 3 days they were with me at hotels while I tried to find a no kill shelter. I was transporting two Chinese Interns who were there for the sites and amusement parks all over LA and also trying to help these kittens. Took them to a vet, who said everything was fixable, they were about 5 weeks old and two sweet calico kittens. So I paid for the works. The vet gave me a two for one price thank god as I am on disability and limited funds. A close call with one of them ending up in ER. She pulled through with fluids and an 8 hour watch, and blood panel. I was afraid that they would be put down while still being nursed back to health. So I bought a carrier and they both came home with me to Santa Rosa. They were the hit of LAX security and on the plane. They are 8 months old now and I still have them. They are beautiful sweet, sweet, sweet, girls and get along great with my two cats, Russel and Spitz. I named them Laxa (LAX airport) and Lola (from the Kink's song LoLA Lola), my "LA Girls". I checked several times for a feral mom but might have been dumped.
It makes me truly sickened to see how uncaring the human race can be. I get that LA has become so desensitized but something really needs to be done. I wish I could post photos of how beautiful these girls are. Every time I think back on how sick they were and how bad they looked, it makes me cry to know how many less fortunate ones will die a horrible death because no one cares.

An ASPCA Suporter

PK you are amazing, thank you for caring!

Mike Toretch

I work with two breed rescues in San Diego. Most of our rescues come from L.A. area shelters (Carson often) and San Bernardino area shelters. The best news we have heard lately is the ASPCA donation AND that San Bernardino is going to give management of their shelters to a non-profit.

S. O. Rooney

Guess from the previous comments that there is an incredible need in CA, and all of the West Coast. I'm in Portland, and I would like to thank you for coming out here. I've been hoping you would.


Wow, I had no idea it was so bad in California, I'm from naples fla and have never seen a stray animal yet. I'm a huge animal activist mainly to try and stop bear bile farms in China and the barbaric dog/cat meat trade in many Asian countries. We as Americans Must do better, we are not a 3rd world country, but I can tell you the abuse (especially towards loving pitbulls in this country is rampid, killing of dogs by law enforcement is also on the rise , this is a start I guess, but we NEED MUCH stricter laws everywhere in this country regarding the welfare of animals. It's disgusting!!