ASPCA Assists with the Care of 26 Rescued Equines!

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 1:30pm
Brown horse standing alone

It was a heartbreaking sight. Equines left to fend for themselves—bone skinny, and braving harsh summer elements without access to food or water.

The ASPCA Equine Fund recently stepped in to provide an emergency grant of $13,000 to help provide care for 21 donkeys and five Arabian Mares who were abused and abandoned earlier this summer. To make matters more tragic, all five of the Arabian Mares and ten of the donkeys were pregnant, with one donkey actually birthing a foal during their rescue.

“Unfortunately, equine neglect and abuse is widespread in this country,” says Jacque Schultz, ASPCA Senior Director of Community Outreach. “Rescue groups are struggling with increasing calls for help and shrinking budgets. That’s where the ASPCA Equine Fund comes in.”

The funds granted by the ASPCA in this case will be used to rehabilitate the rescued equines and cover expenses for medical treatment, food, transport, and training. 

“The ASPCA Equine Fund is vital when it comes to saving lives,” says Floss Blackburn, president of Denkai Animal Sanctuary, the organization that took the animals in. “Without their help, many equine organizations would not be able to fund such large rescue efforts.”

To foster or adopt one of the rescued equines, please email [email protected]. To learn more about the ASPCA’s special grant program, visit our Equine Fund section.

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Another case of careless backyard breeding and neglect. What is wrong with people?! Outrageous! Thank heavens for the ASPCA!


13.000? that doesn't cover much.


It's an emergency grant though I imagine they could be granted more beyond that. Just depends on the resources they already had.


So grateful to organizations like yours. Thank you ASPCA!


13k isn't pocket change, though, since they have multiple cases to fund. Rather than talk about how it won't cover much, know that and DONATE what you can to help support.


I actually feel sick. This has been bothering me all day.. the focus is to get these animals food and water but I pray these ppl who did this serve a harm punishment!


Stewardship is almost gone,hard laws r the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I would never condone careless breeding or neglect of animals, the horse pictured in the article is barely underweight. Most people actually keep their horses too fat. The horse pictured is a little thin, but nowhere near starvation. Truth.

ASPCA fan.....

The horse is barely underweight......except for the fact that she's pregnant!!!!!