ASPCA Asks for Better Treatment of Animals on Organic Farms

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 5:15pm

Guest blogpost from Suzanne McMillan, ASPCA Director of Farm Animal Welfare.

Last week, I attended a meeting of the National Organic Standards Board—the body that advises the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)on organic standards—to suggest stronger protections for animals living on organic farms. Animals who are raised organically are not necessarily raised humanely. In fact, many organic farms are still factory farms, often confining animals indoors using severe devices for most of their lives.

My efforts focused on the welfare of chickens, turkeys and ducks. Specifically, I asked the board to urge the USDA to adopt rules addressing some of the worst industry practices, including beak trimming, force feeding, crowding, failing to maintain clean air and unnaturally accelerating animals’ growth rates. Along with detailed written recommendations, I delivered a three-minute oral summary of our suggestions, which you can watch here:

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Ian Belli

Well done. Keep in mind that better conditions create better farm animals, which creates a better product and possibly higher prices.

Kenny Myers

What a shame,last week a special aired on TV called the Hatfield & McCoys.In one scene a dog was kicked airborne across a room into a wall,also in one more seen it showed it,s owner cutting it,s throat with a knife after it had been hurt,and for effect I assume they had to play the sound of the dog in it,s death cry.Yes it was only a movie,but to me it makes some of the people accept this.We raise hell about rodeo,s and such,granted all of society needs monitored,BUT how can the movie industry make billions portraying this thing is beyond me.Yet they ask for our help in preventing cruelty on TV and the media.

Freya Hill

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