ASPCA Arrests Brooklyn Woman over Starved Chihuahua

Friday, April 5, 2013 - 2:45pm
ASPCA Arrests Brooklyn Woman over Starved Chihuahua

We’ve wanted to tell you about Vampiro for some time, and you won’t believe what he’s been through. In January, ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agents responded to a call from NYC Animal Care & Control about a six-year-old Chihuahua who had been abandoned in a pet store.

The dog, Vampiro, was just skin and bones. At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, veterinarians found Vampiro to be emaciated, dehydrated and suffering from an untreated skin ailment, all caused by prolonged inadequate nutrition. He was also found to be blind. Our vets gave Vampiro IV fluids, medication, water and a balanced diet right away.

Meanwhile, AC&C told us that Vampiro had been adopted in 2006 by Brooklyn resident Venus Laventure, 50. On February 25, the ASPCA arrested Laventure. She was charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in court on May 13.

After a few months at the ASPCA, Vampiro is doing much better. In fact, he’ll soon be made available for adoption—and his future family is in for a treat! Vampiro is a sweetheart who loves to give doggie kisses.

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Elizabeth Morris

I want vampiro...... Poor baby!


In the eyes of our dogs, we are god(s) ... they turn to us like we turn to our religions ...


So glad to FINALLY read that a perpetrator was caught. Happens too seldom. Glad she was caught and that Vampiro gets some justice.


thank you for giveing this lil guy a chance at life again i hope he finds a loveing home, i think people who do this to animals should go straight to jail for at least a yr. this crap of an/or fined is crap! if they do get fined that money should go back to the vets so they can help others plus some to aspca!!


the punishment is not big enough. more time in jail. bigger fine. community service. lifetime ban from owing pets.


I agree! This monster deserves a MUCH HARSHER punishment. $1,000 fine and/or a year in prison doesn't even touch the pain and suffering this poor baby has had to endure. We need to keep fighting for harsher animal abuse/neglect laws! This is unacceptable on so many levels.


My heart breaks every time I read about another pet that has been neglected or abused. These people need to be prosecuted.They shouldn't be charged with a misdemeanor for animal cruelty but a felony charge of animal cruelty! They should do way more than just a year in jail!

These sweet, loving souls are purposely neglected and abused. They depend on the human to care for them. The laws need to become more strict. How about enacting a law that states that persons that are charged with animal cruelty face the same neglect, torture and abuse they subjected the animal(s) to? These persons have no soul. This makes me so mad!!!!


How can this happen?? Is there not a very strict policy for adopters?? This is something that should have never happened. Lucky he lived through it. the next owners will be loved so much!!

Kathleen Teets

It's a shame that ONE year is all she can be made to do. I have NO sympathy for her. Dogs love you no matter what & to be treated like that is just disgusting. I'm sure the human has been feeding HER face. Rot in hell.


i hope she rots in hell