ASPCA Arrests Queens Woman over Neglected, Injured Shepherd

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:00am
Humane Law Enforcement Badge

On Tuesday, the ASPCA arrested Queens resident Crystal Lashley, 18, for allegedly neglecting her six-year-old German Shepherd mix, Briana.

ASPCA Agents found Briana tethered to a tree outside a home on August 21. She’d been neglected so long that her collar had become embedded in her neck, causing a deeply painful wound.

Lashley agreed to surrender her dog to the Agents, who took Briana straight to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for treatment and evaluation.

In addition to her neck wound, ASPCA veterinarians found Briana to be dehydrated, underweight and infested with fleas. Briana is continuing to receive treatment for these issues and is recovering at the hospital.

When she’s made a full recovery, this resilient dog will be available for adoption—we can’t wait for her to experience a real loving family.

Lashley was charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

If you suspect you’ve witnessed animal cruelty, please report it. It saves lives like Briana’s.

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Carolina Armendariz

Gee I think that woman went mad,poor doggy

I've recently created a response to this article regarding the end result of the case. Feel free to take a look and leave a comment on what you think. The link is here->


they should chain the owner to a tree without water, and in the heat where the flies would get her. what's the matter with these people.

Wow, Its times like this when you wonder what that
person was thinking!

ASPCA needs to focus much more on changing actual cruelty laws.even the worst cases get punishments that amount to no more than a slap on the wrist,considering the seriousness of the crime.this is totally unacceptable today,since studies prove animal abusers become human abusers.over 80% of domestic violence victims report animals were killed,abused and their well being,used to threaten the victim.every famous serial killer tortured and killed animals animals before torturing and killing humans.yet we ignore these facts.the animals are suffering and dying,sacrificing themselves to point out the worse members of our society.until changes in the law are made,you are running around like chickens with no heads.stumbling on a case here,a case there,with no monitoring afterwards to see if those banned are around animals.they are psychopaths.they love to see things suffer,and love breaking the law and getting away with it.while you are prosecuting this case,the previously prosecuted are toturing and killing,secretly and getting away with it because the laws are so weak.there must be strict psychiatric diagnosing,with every case of abuse,and treated not only by imprisonment,but long term detention in a mental facility,to prevent the inevitable human victims,that we know will follow the animal victims of these sick,incurable "animal abuse connection to human abuse".


per questa gente che maltratta gli animali che li violenta psicologicamene darei la pena di morte!!!scusate se sono cosi' cruda ma basta con laviolenza su queste poveri animali!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have been rescuing dogs and cats for years from such abusive people , sometimes simply they burn dogs and cats alive, in my country there is no law defending animal rights or even can charge these people who commit such crimes. Though my country is very rich but poor in values its a big shame.

Marianne Mayer

She should definitely spend a year in jail but the fine should be much larger!