ASPCA Arrests Queens Woman for Neglecting, Starving Yorkie

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 4:15pm
starved yorkie

Hershey, before receiving treatment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital

Today the ASPCA arrested Queens resident Grimilda Amil for allegedly neglecting and starving her three-year-old male Yorkshire terrier, who has been recovering under our care for nearly two months.

Amil brought her Yorkie, Hershey, to an ASPCA Mobile/Spay Neuter Clinic on June 27. Alarmed at Hershey’s condition, Clinic staff called our Humane Law Enforcement Agents, who quickly responded.

Amil relinquished ownership of Hershey to the ASPCA, and Agents transported the tiny dog to the ASPCA Animal Hospital.

There, veterinarians determined Hershey— whom they found to be emaciated, anemic and suffering from pressure sores—had been starved. At that time, Hershey weighed just 5.2 pounds. Today he weighs in at 10.1 pounds, a 94% increase!

Hershey is completing his recovery in a caring ASPCA foster home. When he’s ready, he’ll be made available for adoption.

Amil, 55, was charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in Queens Criminal Court on October 4. 

If you suspect you’ve witnessed animal cruelty, please don’t hesitate to report it.

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Angie Lang

Can someone PLEASE help me understand the charges.... One count of misdemeanor animal cruelty? Is this woman mentally handicapped or the judge!!! This poor little baby couldn't fix himself something to eat, couldn't put medication on his wounds, and couldn't tell anyone he was being neglected and starved...To the judge over-seeing this case, Hershey and his friends would like to know how this could possibly be considered a misdemeanor? If this happened to you,(judge)or someone close to you, would you be ok with misdemeanor charges against the person that did this!! REMEMBER WE ARE THE VOICES FOR THESE BABIES, IF WE DON'T SPEAK OUT AND HELP PROTECT THEM, THEY END UP WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T LOVE THEM AND JUDGES WHO DON'T CARE ENOUGH TO SEE PAST MISDEMEANOR.

Judie Johnson

I can see all who made comments are animal lovers. How about 1yrs/1000.00 for every pound the baby was underweight. Bread and very little water will help also. Someone needs to get serious on the Animal Cruelty punishment. Someday people will wake up and find out it is not a game


That woman in my opinion should live in the most impverish conditions where just a scrap of bread would be a meal and see how she likes it!
I find it disgusting how someone can be so inhumane to a defenseless little animal. May Karma bite her in her worthless Ass!

Cheryl Barrie

I agree with other comments about stricter penalties for animal abuse!

Stephanie McMillin

Animal cruelty should be handled EXACTLY like if it was someone starving their child! How is this just one year jail time? I don't get it. Animal abuse is just like child abuse. They are all innocent and defenseless. People like the lady in this story make me sick.

Common Sense

Animals should never be intentionally harmed but this individual may have been mentally unstable or manic depressive and possibly unfit to care for an animal. Don't just go spouting off that someone should be starved and the punishment should fit the crime. That sounds ignorant and nasty. I do not approve of the ASPCA informing the public of where and when this woman will be in court. She could be suicidal or a drug addict and an angry mob showing up at a court hearing to harass a possibly mentally unstable or sick woman isn't the solution to anything. The point is to rehabilitate the animal and find a proper loving home for it. Don't create more negativity. Do something positive instead.

Vangie Tarver

Put the idiot in jail, with no chance of parole, community service and parole for ten years, prohibit ever owning another animal, mandatory monthly contribution to a shelter, and I can't think of anything else right now. Stupid, stupid.

Why? If she didn't want to feed the poor little dog why didn't she take him to the shelter or give him to someone who would take care of him? This is a cruel person who should be imprisoned.

mary vavrik

Agree totally with both comments above. This lady needs to be locked in a cage and starved to death. Yes we need way tougher punishment for animal abusers. The officials are WAY too lenient. If anything, they should be even tougher on animal abusers than they are on people. Animals are helpless, defenseless and sweet creatures.


I just CANNOT believe how people torment, starve, and hurt these sweet, beautiful animals who cannot fight back and just want to be loved and taken care of. this makes me so SICK. i hope this woman has to go to jail for a life sentence. this is NOT ok.