ASPCA Arrests Father and Son for Beating Cat to Death

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 11:30am

We never get used to it. No matter how many cases of cruelty our team investigates, the brutality of it still hits us hard in the heart. This case was no exception. In mid-July our Humane Law Enforcement department received a call from an eyewitness who saw a father and son beating their cat to death with a stick. We jumped into action.

Quickly finding the deceased cat in a garbage bag on the side of the road, our Agents subsequently obtained a search warrant for the home. A search uncovered a broken stick encrusted with cat fibers and blood in the attic. Jean Rog Murat, 60, and his son, Robenson Murat, 29, were arrested and taken into custody.

The Kings County District Attorney indicted the duo on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals; overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; and failure to provide proper sustenance for animals. If convicted, the defendants will face a maximum of two years of incarceration.

This was a heinous act on an innocent animal and a clear case of violent abuse,” says Stacy Wolf, Vice President and Chief Counsel of the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement department. “We praise the district attorney for his commitment to hold these perpetrators accountable for their cruel and callous acts.”

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state. With your help, we fight back. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!


jessica lamana

This is a very upsetting story, the poor defenseless cat!! These scum, need to pay for it..
2 years is nothing at all. I agree if they can do this to an animal then they can do a human.
I hope they rot in hell.


two years? that's it? I'd rather see those two beat to death with a stick. That animal had more of a right to live than the scum that killed it.

Clementine Mizgalski

Remember; if someone is willing and enjoying killing or torturing an animal, they will do the same to a human along the way. So very sadistic and I am beyond saddened.

Joan Ellis

I have seen different types of cruelity in my life, yet I find myself in a kind that I never saw and hope not to hear of again. Around 5 months ago I answered an add in the paper asking for a good home for their 8 year old female cat and that was what I was looking for. I call and ask the main Q&A's about her and met them to take her home, everything was okay and as I exspected at first than I realize they forgot to tell one very important thing- turns out that the poor cat is deaf and I have no way of knowing how to deal with her, I have another female cat the same age and I'm unsure if she feels that something is differant with her new friend. I need to talk to someone about this if possible. Please give me a number to call, Thank-you

Linda Weiland

These low-life bastards need to be punished with serious jail time AND they should be neutered. This DNA in this family should not be allowed to multiply!!


I want to be the one to flog them.


The punishment for cruelty to animals needs to be more severe, fines, jailtime and those convicted should be added to a public data base like sex offenders. If they do these things to innocent animals they can do it to people, they have no heart or conscience.....truely sick people.

Patricia Crosby

Because the broken stick used in the attack was found to be in the attic, in my opinion the two men knew what they had done was wrong. If the stick had been a gun used on a person..wouldn't there be a charged for that? Two years is not even close to being enough for committing this cruel of an act.


I wish with all my heart there were stricter laws for people that abuse animals. I think these people deserve harsh punishment. There is nothing requiring you to have a pet, so why in the world have one only to abuse it. These people are the real animals!!!

Hannah Jayne

Sad, horrific, and heinous. I'm not sure what's worse: the act itself, or the fact that two adults were responsible. Neither of them thought "hey, this is wrong"? Sick. And since animal abuse is often a precursor to abuse of larger animals (i.e., children, adults) - I shudder to think what/who else these sick f*$ks reserved their "beating stick" for. Get rid of them. Five years as a minimum and a lifetime of being on the "no animals" and "likely a sociopathic killer" list. Track 'em with a cartridge shot between the shoulder blades.