ASPCA and Nickelodeon Team Up for “Paw Patrol”

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 10:00am
ASPCA and Nick Jr. Team Up for “Paw Patrol”

Exciting news for parents with toddlers: The ASPCA has partnered with Nickelodeon on its new show “Paw Patrol.” The show features super-cute puppies on a mission to help people and animals in their community of Adventure Bay. Check it out over at Nick Jr.

We’ll have updates on “Paw Patrol” at ASPCA Parents, our new blog for parents of kids who love animals—coming soon!

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My one yr old LOVES paw patrol!!!!! Her face just lights up!!


My three year old is in love with this show! Unfortunately we are in Australia, I wish that the RSPCA (The Aus version of you guys) would promote this show too!

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