The ASPCA and Colbie Caillat Join Forces to "Come To Their Rescue"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 1:45pm
The ASPCA and Colbie Caillat Join Forces to "Come To Their Rescue"

Big news! The ASPCA has teamed up with singer, songwriter, and animal-lover Colbie Caillat to launch Come To Their Rescue, a nationwide movement to help abused and abandoned animals.

Animal welfare is an issue that is close to Colbie’s heart: her own dog, Plum, was found tied up and starving on the streets before she was brought to a shelter. Sadly, not all dogs are as lucky as Plum. Every year, more than 7 million animals enter shelters nationwide, and almost 3 million don’t make it out. It’s a staggering number, and it is a sobering reminder that our nation’s pet homelessness problem is very real and very tragic. That’s why we are so happy to have Colbie Caillat on our side.

Helping homeless animals find forever homes is one of the ASPCA’s top priorities, and we are making a difference. Every year, we are able to help tens of thousands of animals find loving homes, and with Colbie’s support—and the support of people like you—we believe that we can accomplish so much more.

If you would like to get involved, visit You can learn more, make a donation, sign a pledge, and help spread the world about this exciting collaboration. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you have given an animal a second chance, so please: come to their rescue today.

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I feed homeless animals everyday. I have also saved many and found them homes! I wish I could save them all....


God Bless those like you who come to the aid of our four legged friends. Being a member of the ASPCA helping those beautiful creatures brings joy to our lives, thanks, again for caring

Bonnie hill

Me too, Diane. Have six kitties in our home now that were rescued and feed several homeless daily. Would do more if we could.


To Diane: you go, girl. I do the same thing! God Bless you!


I feed all the homeless animals that I see everyday. They wait for me to wake in the morning at my door.


Could you possibly contact a rescue & even help them trap some to rehab & get into homes? Also, feral cats can be trapped, spay/neutered, given shots, ear tipped (so they won't be neutered again :), & then returned to your feeding station. This stops the reproduction stage of feral colonies & makes it managable. We do this a lot in Fort Collins, CO. You can Google for TNR ideas (trap, neuter, release). It is very successful! Best of luck & Blessings for all you do!


I just started TNR on my block this summer. I've trapped 4 females (1 cat and her 3 kittens). All have been spayed, treated for fleas, eye infections and upper respiratory infections. It's heartwrenching to see them terrified in the trap, but a happy day when they are released back into their familiar home area. I was able to socialize one kitten, who has been adopted. The others come for breakfast, dinner and a midnight snack everyday. Four spayed females = potentially 600 less kittens born over a 10 year breeding lifespan. Check out "Alley Cat Allies" for more information. The ASPCA is great, but they are still not a no-kill shelter (as far as I know-if I'm wrong, please correct me). They need our support and encouragement to make that their top priority. In the meantime, try to bring found kittens and other animals to a no-kill shelter. We have too many people on the earth, but we don't kill them to reduce the population (we kill for other, stupid reasons). Killing animals is never the solution. See also "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary".

Gay Pawlak

Lee your comment is wonderful, no kill is the way to go. Getting lawmakers to create laws to stop puppy mills causing the over population. Don't know why in the world our law makers would think a puppy mill is a good idea. Don't they see the news on all the puppy mills the ASPCA has to go in an rescue from. Don't they see the ads of all the sick, dead and abused animals. Just that sight should be enough to write your name on a bill to stop mills and make abusers really accountable for their crime on animals. Not hand slaps on the wrist or community service, that is no deterent at all. Thank you.


Gay, I'm totally on-board with you on this. Puppy mills have to go. I would love to see prison terms of 5 and 10 years without parole for some of the hideous abuses I've read about. I apologize if I seemed harsh regarding the ASPCA. I support them and applaud them for all the hard work they do to rescue, rehabilitate and transform the lives of so many animals.


He is just beautiful.
The animals you rescue are usually the best ones - They seem to know they have a second chance and love that they werent getting before.
"ALWAYS ADOPT!" and help ASPCA in anyway you can - These people have their lives changed by what they see; there is a job for everyone here.... Find out where your can help make a difference.